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Last Featured on this show January 22, 2016

The future: A dystopia under the rule of a totalitarian government called
The Disfavoured Party.

The story of the rise and fall of the Party is told as a trilogy, spanning three distinctive, self-released EPs: Manifesto, Inauguration and Referendum.
Turning a lifelong obsession with the end of the world and fall of mankind into a musical venture and mixing it with the band’s collective sense of tongue in cheek dark humour, lead singer (and self-proclaimed Executive Commissioner) Adam Rich describes the sound: “We take the listener through the twists and turns of a good, gripping drama. Opening Manifesto with the egocentric balls-out rock song ‘Vote for Me’ sets the perfect backdrop to introduce my character, the charismatic Executive Commissioner. The campaign begins with good intentions – but he is ground down by months of fake smiles, public appearances and baby kissing. He becomes bitter and hate-fuelled resenting and blaming ‘the people’ for making him this way. The story of Manifesto continues with a moody jazz blues number, which gives an insight into his true feelings.” Adam lets that last comment linger. He nods - a knowing expression - his eyebrows raised absurdly high upon his rapidly balding head. “After that, we’ve got a song called Earthmother and that one’s about tits”.
The creative vision doesn’t end in the studio. On-stage antics and dress code is strictly in character and one is never quite sure how seriously these guys take their roles as twisted politicians. “The characters we play on stage are all interlinked, they are the pillars of the T.D.P.-opian society” says guitarist, Faith Director and chief songwriter, Gary Risdale. “There’s a bit of method acting going on. For example, our Minister for Development, Owen Roscoe, is actually a property developer”. That being said, I have it on good authority that bassist & Science Secretary, Dr Thomas Blockley is NOT a real doctor. A fan recently asked for advice on an ingrown toenail and was told to “Apply three leeches, twice daily” and if that didn’t work to “try amputation”. I also suspect the last time keyboardist Chancellor Maslen balanced a budget was on a Fisher Price abacus… Though some might say that makes him perfect for the role. With pounding militant rhythms, a crowd donning rosettes chanting “TDP” and a podium flanked by hanging banners bearing the distinctive cross-like emblem of the Party, you might - at best - believe you’ve stumbled upon an actual rally. At worst; a Number 10 in-house production of the Wicker man. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be entertaining!
Maybe this stubborn self-belief is how all parties get Joe Public to buy in to their ideas (no matter how warped). Maybe that’s the point…
About the EP: It is time now for the second instalment of The Disfavoured Party's triptych of light Inauguration. This, tracks our rise to power. It's dark, it's funny and we think, pretty relevant in these dark times - times of uncertainty and apathy.
In 2014 we released Manifesto, part one of the trilogy, telling the story of The Disfavoured Party. It was about the birth of the glorious (but pretty evil) party.
Since then the band has gone from strength to strength and has gathered plenty of momentum. We've had some great support and festival slots this year with some much bigger gigs on the horizon. Our live show is becoming something of a spectacle with amazing feedback from audiences that are simply blowing us away.
Enjoy Inauguration!

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(PST) Song
9:00 ION
9:03 Headbutt
9:07 The Secret
9:10 Holy Father
9:13 One Of Many