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Last Featured on this show Febuary 10, 2016

Glen Ross
Music is different things to different people. To Glen, music is life. Many of his early memories and stories are anchored by the music he was hearing at the time. Raised on everything from country western to Mozart, his music is hard to classify. Is it rock? Is it jazz? Whatever it is, everyone agrees that he has a unique guitar style that is sweet and melodic with a sharp edge to keep the listener engaged.
After decades of playing other peoples songs, Glen broke out and started playing the songs that bounce around in his head. As you listen to the notes sing out, you can feel the joy Glen feels as his fingers dance across the strings. While there are many guitarist with sharper technical skills, there are few that can match the emotion and imagery created by Glen’s playing.
Glen worked with several bands from the 1980’s on into 2005. In the late 80’s he was in a cover band named Crystal with Karin Allyson, a four time Grammy nominated jazz vocalist. In the min 90’s his band, Horizon, opened for Asleep at the Wheel. All the while as he pursued his dream, he felt something was missing. Nobody heard the music the way he did.
Glen is still striving to reproduce what he hears providing listeners with a glimpse into his soul. With catchy beats, robust bass lines and hypnotic harmonies, Glen’s music provides the escape we all could use from our busy lives.
About the Album or EP All Funked Up! is a collection of instrumentals from Glen Ross. Each song is a story in itself. Glen prefers to leave it to the listener to find their own stories in his music. You will find that All Funked Up! is most likely to be different from other collections of songs you have heard.

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(PST) Song
9:00 Around the Corner
9:02 Changes
9:07 Southern Comfort
9:10 I Scream
9:15 The Drive Home
9:18 Long Night
9:22 Just a Minute
9:23 Three Fingers
9:26 Little Tiny Pills
9:30 Rockin' the Gio
9:35 War
9:38 All Funked Up!
9:44 You're Late
9:47 Kerrie On
9:51 The Drifter
9:54 Walk of Shame