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Last Featured on this show Febuary 20, 2016

Ambiance Evolution
Ambiance Evolution is comprised of multi-genre, eclectic music born from the lush prose, lyric melodies, and rich harmonies of Amelia Petrie and Katherine Tall. Adding some creative rock drumming to the mix is Jon Ward. As a trio of voice, guitar, piano, hand percussion, and drums, they transform folk, jazz, and indie music into a genre all their own, which they call: "art rock". Ambiance Evolution's music and poetry takes the listener through a unique soundscape journey in their first EP, self-titled "Ambiance Evolution", released March, 2015.

Their self-titled EP, "Ambiance Evolution", represents Katie and Amelia's initial forays into writing as a duo. "Home" and "Quietly, Quietly" solidified their sound, which they will expand upon in their first full-length album, to be recorded in November and December, 2015.

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(PST) Song
9:00 I Tried
9:03 Home
9:08 Quietly, Quietly
9:13 Sunday Morning
9:17 Yellow Bossanova