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Last Featured on this show Febuary 21, 2016

Dawn Gazers (DK/IT) crafts charming alternative pop inspired by 90s alternative rock, shoegaze and pop. The band has a huge pop heart, and shows this through a convincing repetoire of pop songs in form, melody and sweet and tender boy-girl vocal harmonies. The sound that Dawn Gazers strives for is inspired by the 90s alternative scene with distorted guitar sounds, ethereal noise and driving drum rhythms. Altogether these elements create Dawn Gazers' very own and honest quirky pop universe.
About the Album: "At Starlight" is all about the feeling you get when you gaze at the stars. The EP deals with different existential themes. These are the need to break free of the chains of the mundane everyday life, and that no one can define who you are apart from yourself. Melancholic stories about longing for love and longing for meaning are also presented on the EP. All this is wrapped in a quirky pop package with loads of deliberate pop clichés delivered through form, melody and sweet and tender boy-girl vocal harmonizations.

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(PST) Song
9:00 It's always been you
9:03 Dance
9:06 Eyes Wide Shut
9:10 Killer Whale
9:13 Cassette
9:18 I fall, I fall, I fall
9:21 Zombie Apocalypse