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Last Featured on this show March 15, 2016

The Broken Arrows
Sam Samax is a freelance musician who has been aspiring and learning music since years, with the strong aspect of composing and writing lyrics. Presently associated with The band named "The Broken Arrows" an Alternative Rock band giving a new approach to music, with a music album of their own named "Broken Arrows". Been training since years and now I desire to share my music with the world and reach out to the mass. The best thing I have ever known is "Music prevails everywhere and in everything".
BROKEN ARROWS is an Alternative rock album recorded by 4 friends(Sam, Pranzan, Raja and Abhishek). The album has an unique feel with melodies the listeners will cling to and feel like humming. The music and the musicians are professionals with a very raw approach to music throughout the album.

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(PST) Name
10:00 Never see you again
10:06 Fallen Fear
10:11 Had a safer World
10:15 Cause it pains 
10:21 Wonderful