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Last Featured on this show March 17, 2016

sugar gliders
is a creation by myself Steve Wright, which I launched in January 2008 from a downstairs room at my home here in Taupo New Zealand. While everyones fast asleep youll find me downstairs trying to create either a cool groove, with various drum loops or guitar riffs and then I combine it with the haunting sound of an ebow. This evolves into a mix of acoustic and atmospheric rock. In April of 2010 tvnz1 close-up program featured my song I Got This Feeling (Find A Way) as one of the seven songs to be chosen as a possible song for the 2011 Rugby World Cup here in NZ. Once again thanks for dropping by. Check Out New mix = Gonna Get Better

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(PST) Name
10:00 did you know
10:02 gonna get better
10:06 holy water
10:10 i got this feeling(find a way)
10:14 the promise
10:18 release the doves
10:23 revoultion girl
10:27 bigg house
10:33 Tumbleweeds & dust