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Last Featured on this show March 20, 2016

Missing Sibling is a five-piece indie rock band from North Texas known for melodic, guitar-driven rock songs that are anthemic and sometimes melancholic, but always meant to be played loud. Their sound has been described as “a less grumpy Pixies” and like “Sleater-Kinney meets Bruce Hornsby.” After spending 2015 playing regional shows to promote their 2015 EP, Commiserate, Missing Sibling will be expanding to national and international touring in support of their self-titled debut album, which will be out on Idol Records in April 2016.
About the Album: Missing Sibling is the band's self-title LP, due out April 15, 2016, on Idol Records.

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(PST) Name
10:00 Always
10:03 Don't Even Try
10:06 Never Alone
10:10 If You Quit
10:14 I Insist
10:16 Mary's Rashers
10:20 A Working Set of Lungs
10:21 Color Inside the Lines
10:25 Shock and Awe
10:28 Spread the Blame