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Last Featured on this show March 23, 2016

The Stunt People
"The Stunt People don't actually perform any physical stunts on stage. The name is really about what it takes to survive in the world today. Most of us have to pull off some pretty tricky things just to make it to point B in one piece... Keeping it all together while holding down jobs, relationships, finances and hobbies is an impressive feat. Essentially, we are ALL stunt people." - Lee
Playing a mixture of heavy blues, rock and alternative music, The Stunt People have been to your town and lived to sing about it.
Born on Hallowe'en, Lee Spurrell has been writing and performing music for 17 years. His background in writing poetry and fiction propelled him to put those words to music.
Together with Adriana Devai on lead vocals, Lee also plays rhythm guitar on acoustic. Electrified, the rest of the band brings a mainstream rock n' roll backdrop with nostalgic beats. Chugging along like a freight train, the pulse of the music transports you to the days of "makin' shine". Toe-tapping and finger-snapping, you'll be "getting yourself in a mess of trouble" with songs like The Warden and Trouble.
The Stunt People combine poetic lyrics with the best of straight-up rock and audacious, husky vocals.
With their new debut EP, "Seven from Evermore", they definitely are pulling off some pretty tricky things... Get it today!

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(PST) Name
10:00 Heart of the Sound
10:03 Grindstone
10:07 The Warden
10:11 Carried Away
10:14 Trouble
10:17 The Station