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Last Featured on this show March 29, 2016

Warhead Rising
J.R. Zwitzer - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Dan Sorokti - Vocals
Rick Sheldon - Drums
Tim Finch - Bass
3 friends writing hard rock music that reflect important parts of our lives. Based in NY, starting out years ago as a local metal cover band we recorded a 5 song EP. Three of us got back together and began to record our first full CD. 14 cranking tunes and we are grateful to share these with you. Some where between metal and hard rock it bring back memories of the music you grew up with.
About the Album: These songs were written depending on the mood we were in at the time. Some heavier than others but all from our hearts. Visit www.warheadrising.com to pick your CD or digital download today.

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(PST) Name
9:00 Rising
9:03 Turn You On
9:07 Dangerous
9:13 Evermore
9:18 The Machine
9:25 Insanity
9:30 Catch A Thrill
9:37 Don't Look at Me
9:42 Walk Beside Me
9:46 Control
9:51 Crying Out
9:55 Need
9:59 Animal Inside
10:05 Better Every Day