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Last Featured on this show April 10, 2016

Buddy Black; Padre of Perdition; high priest of hedonism, has carried the Black flag far and wide, and in the fullness of time, made many converts. The hard drinking, roughedged Buddy Black has been writing punked-up pagan-hymns for close on seventeen years now, bringing his raw, catchy, meticulously crafted tales of love, religion, and emotional apocalypse, to audiences in venues large and small.

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(PST) Name
9:00 Let My Father Live
9:02 The Heart Thief: Part 1
9:06 The Manticore
9:09 If This is Hell... Then I'm Home
9:12 Who Needs Friends When You've Got Whiskey?
9:15 I Love My Scimitar
9:18 Brown Eyes/Brown Eyes
9:20 Thick as Theives
9:24 The Piper
9:30 Broken the Order