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Last Featured on this show April 12, 2016

Jay Woodward
Jay is an innovator in the indie folk scene, combining modern production techniques with a classic approach to song development and engineering, reminiscent of the 1960's and 70's.
After a long, looming phase of despondency set on by the loss of a precious few loved ones, Woodward utilized his sentiment for human grief and analog recording techniques to conceive this ode to sorrow, this requiem, Good Grief. Such concepts and stories of loss and bereavement sing sweetly to Woodward, a man who is no stranger to the contemplative stream of consciousness that shrouds the most unpredictable stage of the living, death.
Akin to the story arc within a movie, Good Grief develops using instrumental interludes and tension mounting act breaks. From elevated emotional tracks like “I Knew Him That Well” and “The Joker or The Fool,” to warm gems like “The Falling Leaves,” and the heartbreaking, “Sparrow’s Song,” the tracks have an apparent eloquence that flow together meticulously, revealing Woodward’s savvy artistic vision. For the optimal listening experience we recommend listening to his concept album "Good Grief" from start to finish.
released October 27, 2015
Guitar, Vocals, Mixing: Jay Woodward
Cello: Christian Dupree
Drums: Cody Fontes
Mastering: Ian Sefchick
In memory of Blake Mitchell and Sue Merlino.

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(PST) Name
9:00 The Psaltery Overture
9:02 I Knew Him That Well
9:07 Grouchy Rabbit
9:09 The Joker or The Fool
9:13 Blue Sky Blue
9:17 In Natural Order
9:19 The Falling Leaves
9:22 Gone
9:26 Sparrow's Song