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Last Featured on this show April 24, 2016

Luis Drayton
Luis Drayton - The Queen of All Pus! The Prettiest Punk Around! Public Glamourpussy #1!
Founded + played bass in tranny punk band Six Inch Killaz from 1994-99. Released debut album "Pretty Sick" in Aug 2011, followed by "Dub Sick" and "XXX Radio Sessions". Also released the albums "Glamoflage" and "Glamoflage: Remixes" with Toska Wilde, as well as "Rising Scum" (recently rereleased on Fusion Records), "Counter Attack Live" and "XRP Radio Presents... The Least Appalling Of Pus Galore: The Luis Drayton Sickness Shot". Current album "Inner Life" and companion album "Inner Sanctum" out now on Fusion Records. Luis Drayton also presents "Pussybows and Pussylips" (every Wed @ 10pm GMT on 40foothole Radio)

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(PST) Name
9:00 Look Inside (Bestest Nummies Mix)
9:03 How (Fred and Jack Style)
9:07 Breeder Queen (Bugchaser Mix)
9:11 Early Rising Scum
9:14 Judgement
9:17 This Apple (Vermin Mix)