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Last Featured on this show May 4, 2016

Blind Fret
Blind Fret is Produced by Raphael Slagg in the Blind Fret Studios. We are players form the old school style, we just love to create from our years of experience of traveling and touring. Now we have a one place we gather and create what we love. The Studio.
About the Album or EP This album represents over the past year of writing and band members moving and passing away and still Blind Fret continues to move forward and also do collaborations with artist around the world. Please enjoy our original work with the band and Raphael Slagg working with international artist through Blind Fret Studios.
All Produced by Raphael Slagg

PST Name
9:00 Run 
9:04 Fire & Honey
9:07 Shine
9:12 One Love
9:19 Free from your Spell
9:25 VooDoo Bad
9:29 Blister Blues
9:33 Flood of Tears
9:38 All Fall Down
9:43 Might Be You
9:48 Something Like
9:51 40 Miles