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James M Carson
Born in Bolton, James. M. Carson is a hard edged folk singer-songwriter who has been predominantly touring the Greater Manchester scene for past two years. Carson's regular slots in Manchester venues, as part of the increasingly popular House of Cards productions, recently led to a supporting slot with the Bluetones' Mark Morriss. His involvement in the Liverpool music scene and the promoters there [T2F] has provided equally impressive guest slots at the famous Lomax venue with singer-songwriter legend Nick Harper.
Interest in his music has spread from its humble local origins to as far as the U.S. and Australia, with some of his material receiving air play on ALL FM and MRO (UK), Shock Pop Radio Show (U.S.) and Sideways through Sound (AU).
A talented musician from an early age, Carson has been writing music since his teens but only recently began channelling his talent into writing music for people other than himself. Carson's path to releasing his first single has been fraught with false dawns.
From graduating from University in the Creative Arts to lowly manual labour work in his home town, Bolton, his CV reflects that of a man not content with 9-5 mundanity.
The antithesis of the instant pop star, Carson is slowly building a loyal following and 2014 is looking to be the year that others will get the chance to hear why.
“Nothing is Lost” is Carson's first single and showcases his soaring voice and intricate and luminous guitar arrangements. Influenced by the melodic melancholy and the intimate lyricism of the likes of Neil Young and Elliot Smith, but equally entranced by the power pop hooks of bands such as Teenage Fanclub and their grunge admirers, Nirvana, Carson's first single is a tale of lost souls, a lack of belonging to the modern world and musically it evokes simpler times when the quest for melody was king, and when Laurel Canyon was the place for any songwriter to be.
On the forthcoming four track EP you should expect to hear Beatlesque pop-rock, Americana strum-along storytelling and surf-vibe guitar picking.
Other sighted influences include: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; The Beatles; Wilco; Calexico; Ryan Adams; CSN&Y; George Harrison; The Kinks; The Lemonheads; Jeff Buckley; Neil Finn.
About the EP Not unlike music from the hills of 70s Laurel Canyon, Carson's songs evoke shadows of simpler times when the quest for melody was king. James has been influenced by the melodic melancholy and intimate lyricism of singer songwriters like Neil Young and Elliott Smith, but equally entranced by the power pop hooks of bands such as Teenage Fanclub as well as their grunge admirers, Nirvana.
The debut EP, Sold As Scene, showcases five tracks of melodious, heartfelt songwriting drawing from the well of folk, alt-country, americana and 90s indie/grunge

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PST Name
9:00 Visitor 23
9:03 Nothing Is Lost
9:07 Money (We Don't Need)
9:11 A Raven
9:15 Once A Mighty Oak