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Last Featured on this show May 13, 2016

Among Legends
Among Legends are an up-and-coming group from Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada - about an hour away from Toronto - looking to make a name for themselves with highenergy shows, catchy songs, and a strong work ethic. Paired with a genuine desire to change how pop-punk is viewed in the eyes of the public, Among Legends brings a new sound and a new, more positive message to the table. With singalong choruses, lyrics about finding inspiration and overcoming life's struggles, and blazing instrumentation, Among Legends is making music - and putting on shows - for poppunk fans who don't want to be sad anymore.
About the EP: The Charles St. EP represents our first recorded endeavour as a band. Drawing from each band member's influences, the EP is rooted in pop-punk but branches out into punk rock, classic rock, surf, and even a little funk. The Charles St. EP pays homage to the bands we love, but is also our first step forward into declaring a new generation of more positive, self-aware pop-punk music.

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PST Name length Next Play
9:00 Always On My Mind 03:52 27-Aug
9:03 Flatliner 02:46 27-Aug
9:06 Gone For Days 02:36 27-Aug
9:09 Self-Counseling 03:22 27-Aug
9:12 (Don't) Defend Pop-Punk 03:09 27-Aug
9:16 Electric 03:30 27-Aug