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Last Featured on this show May 23, 2016

The Brake Brothers Band
The Brake Brothers Band are an Original Hard Rock Trio from Staten Island , NY. They are noted for having a surprisingly Big sound presence on stage for only a three piece Outfit. Two brothers and one life long friend make up the three very talented artist. Frontman singer/guitarist and former major label Recording artist Kevin Brake orchestrates there live shows which at sometimes seem almost exhausting for himself and there loyal Fan base. The rhythm section and heart and sole of The Brake Brothers Band are a formidable duo not to be disregarded lightly. The percussionist and band namesake Michael Brake . Has been regarded as the driving force of the band. Has at times been called the Max Weinberg of the band , Mike provides a solid rhythmic back beat and plays for the songs. He has been quoted in a few drummer Zines as saying "I just want too put on a great show, nobody wants hear a 20 minute drum solo". And the final piece of this Trio and probably the least heralded but the most important part of any rhythm section .The Bass Player also founding member Terrance "T-Bone" Bennett . Terry's hounding wall of sound and eclectic bass lines are the obvious reason for The Brake Brothers Big sound. Go see The Brake Brothers when they are in your town , I'm sure it will be a great time. Kevin had ask me for a good band bio and I'm a good friend and I always try to speak from my heart "no bullshit" . Best Regards, Michael Laskow CEO of TAXI the world's leading independent A&R company.

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PST Name length Next Play
9:00 Leave Me Alive 04:08 9-Jul-16
9:04 Complicated Man 04:14 9-Jul-16
9:08 All For U 04:47 9-Jul-16
9:13 Matter of Time 04:04 9-Jul-16
9:17 Life's Permanent Temptations 04:28 9-Jul-16
9:22 Closer to the Edge 04:31 9-Jul-16
9:26 Dangerous Minds 05:00 9-Jul-16
9:31 Anthem 03:56 9-Jul-16
9:35 Weight of our soul 05:49 9-Jul-16
9:41 Grass on Fire 04:51 9-Jul-16