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Chris Ilett
It’s rare to find lyrics which bare all, unreservedly, without sounding like bad teenage poetry. Stirring tears of the pain of experience from many listeners, and with a voice from the bottom of a vocal gravel pit - Chris has a unique sound that you can easily pick out from the crowd.
From a Gigslutz review:
The drill-down displays someone who is classically trained; Ilett can sing and play beautifully. ‘Echoes’ features some skilled fretboard tapping, as well as profound lyrical insights. The songs have tones, counter tones and key changes where they need to keep your ears interested, alongside beguiling harmonies and melodies capable of sweeping you off your feet.

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  Name length
1 The Fray 04:02
2 Repeat It 03:00
3 California 03:00
4 Legacy Of Love 03:54
5 Lullabye 03:15
6 Echoes 03:10
7 The Rope 05:06