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Last Featured on this show June 5, 2016

Desmond Grundy (Des Mondo)
This hooky, indie, guitar music is seeded in the creatively structured 4/4 song styles of the British Rock and R&B invasion.
These tunes about traveling, justice and ineffable love on a planetary scale weave flashbacks, lyrical déja-vu and blank reality into waves of wall-battering chord patterns, leads and harmonies. This refreshingly original work has dug a niche into a mountainside of songwriting giants like Iggy, Dylan, the Velvets and the Kinks. Unique versions of the gems in their back catalogues keep performances fresh and interesting.
Grundy grinds freshly harvested guitar songs into quality blends of technology fuelled musical expressions. The first track on Tiles From the Amber Room, 'Something Good Comes Along', is one of the Top Ten Songs a indierockcafe.com. 'Not Me, New York Times,' from Oddly Enough, won an honourable mention in the American Songwriting Contest. With publishing opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe (SOCAN), DES MONDO is preparing shows for next year to promote a new record.
Lead singer and songwriter, Desmond Grundy, has a uniquely accessible creative signature—recognizable without the usual boilerplate. His studied musical influences end where his own full-blown stab at real artistic genius begins—omewhere between 1977 and now. More info available on my One Page
About the Album: This is my second album of songs. I still believe very much in the album concept. I wrote all these songs together while under heavy pressure to complete the build on my house. I was also touring at the time, locally. Each song is a labour of love and some of these I feel are real gems. I hope you like it. If you do, I'd be pleased to send along a copy of my first record, Oddly Enough. cheers, D.

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PST Name length
9:00 Something Good Comes Along 03:27
9:03 Spiral Arm 03:09
9:06 Debt Jubilee 03:43
9:10 Straw into Gold 03:02
9:13 She Could See Me 02:42
9:16 Black Fly 04:25
9:20 Borealis 03:29
9:24 Godot 02:36
9:27 Guns Liquor and Pills 03:35
9:30 A Penny 04:37