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Last Featured on this show June 12, 2016

Francesco Liccari
Francesco Liccari is a folk rock singer/songwriter born and rised in Trieste.
He began to play classical guitar at the age of 9. As he grew and developed as a musician, he was drawn to rock, folk and other genres, due to inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Donovan, Woody Guthrie, Leonard Cohen, to name a few.
His songs are introspective and melancholic, with self-written lyrics focussing on the theme of memory.
After recording his first EP, “Memories of Forgotten Seasons”, he is now working on a new project, characterized by a more acoustic sound and a sincere attitude, bringing his songs bare to the bone.
With his music he's reaching out to a large audience, fuelled by the same passion for folk rock music.
If you want to stay informed about his news, you can easily find him on the internet, on his website and on the social networks. “Memories of Forgotten Seasons” was released on well-known platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.
About the EP “Memories of Forgotten Seasons” is a six track EP, its main theme is the loneliness of the human being. This is joined with other themes, so central to being human: love and death. Love fools us and lets us believe that we’re not alone, while death cleans the
footprints we’ve left behind.

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Desert Visions 03:55 6-Oct-16
9:04 What Is Love 03:31 6-Oct-16
9:07 Life 04:27 6-Oct-16
9:12 A Song For a Man 05:00 7-Aug-16
9:17 Rainy Night 03:30 6-Oct-16
9:20 Sad Eyed Lady 06:41 6-Oct-16