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Last Featured on this show June 24, 2016

Matt Tubey is a solo artist hailing from Essex, UK. His sound merges straight-forward rhythms and chords with adventurous melodies, shout-along choruses and intriguing lyrics which will make you both ponder and concur. His organic approach to live performances gives you a genuine showcase of the versatile nature of his music. His first album titled "Long Time Coming" was released in December"
About the Album: "Recorded in a converted loft space in Essex, UK, this album documents the beginning of Matt Tubey's journey as a musician. The sheer variety of styles held within the album is guaranteed to take you on a roller coaster ride of Rhythm and emotion, and is sure to provoke a dance move or two. It's an all-rounder which holds something for everyone and offers a great initial overview of Matt Tubey's songwriting abilities and where they are planning to take him."

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 He Below Me 03:51 15-Aug-16
9:03 Good to You 02:37 15-Aug-16
9:06 The Prison Van 04:24 15-Aug-16
9:11 Long Time Coming 04:06 15-Aug-16
9:15 Easy Going 03:27 15-Aug-16
9:18 Conversations in the Local 02:07 15-Aug-16
9:21 All Day Long 03:28 15-Aug-16
9:24 Marbles 03:59 15-Aug-16
9:28 Will You Be Mine 04:00 15-Aug-16
9:32 Lady in Grey 05:25 15-Aug-16