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Simon Groves
Simon Groves has been a fine artist all his adult life and always played guitar for expressing himself in cathartic fashion. At 42 years of age started writing songs down.
He learned guitar at 16. He lives very close to the beautiful North Devon coast, in England, UK.
About the Album: A ctalogue of emotional experiences channelled into music with a view to healing self and others of life's stresses.... influences are late 70s, 80s, and 90's indie and alternative feels. With some mainstream pop inflections.

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PST Name length Next Play
9:00 Ocean Line 03:50 9-Nov-16
9:03 Too Good 04:40 9-Nov-16
9:08 Even In The Fire 02:28 9-Nov-16
9:11 Kirk To Enterprise 03:19 10-Sep-16
9:14 It's Ok! (Instrumental) 03:09 9-Nov-16
9:17 Pet 03:45 10-Sep-16
9:21 Jones 03:30 10-Sep-16
9:25 Yesterday's Memory 03:01 10-Sep-16
9:28 Anything But Blue 04:00 9-Nov-16
9:32 The Butterfly Effect 03:49 9-Nov-16