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Simon Groves
"After working as a graphic designer in the early 1990’s Simon’s boyish wish to be a “songwriting indie pop star” was completely sidelined by love.. Marriage and family life led him to pick up an artists paintbrush and so he painted in oils for a living and later in digital art which he carried on to do until 2010.
However by then a twice divorced, long term yogi, practicing Transcendental Meditation and yoga daily for 10 years he answered a friend’s challenge to write, learn and perform a song at his local pub’s open mic night.
His friend had heard him playing guitar (something he’d done habitually since he was 16 years old) and felt it an injustice that he had not formalized his music into performable songs.
His influences are very wide, though his depth of writing, lyrically and in arrangement have predominantly been influenced by Kate Bush, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, and (very early) Neil Diamond.
He has three sides to his work which influence each other… And that is classical compositions, Indie/expressive, and commercial pop/rock… On the mainstream and Indie side his music has been influenced in sound by The Beatles, The Eagles, Elvis’s Costello and Presley, Bruce Springsteen, and 80s bands like The Police, Duran Duran, Depêche Mode…And Ska bands of the ‘Two Tone’ label. He has little interest in personalities in music, only the music itself, and so though he feels and writes in a classical intuitive way, sites no more than Mozart and Vivaldi, Kate Bush, Cole Porter and Gershwin in his classical influences.
He grew up in North Devon as the estranged son of Navy man and a hard working intelligent mum who had very strong interests in music, notably Jazz and ‘Big Bands’ of the 1950's and early 60's.
Paradoxically, it was Simon’s fear of showing his inner “private” feelings to the wider world which eventually brought him to do just that, and now his music writing is a vital part of his expression in life; a channel for daily life and “so many frustrations”. His goal is always to find alchemy in transmuting his base metal into Gold in order to nourish others with sincerity and love and light (and shade) with his music."
About the Album or EP The first collection of songs from Simon. Written between 2010 and 2016. A collection of experiences, feelings and wisdoms... and pledges of love.

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9:00 Your Satellite 04:13 19-Jul-16
9:04 Other Sins 03:36 19-Jul-16
9:07 Love To Go 02:05 19-Jul-16
9:10 That Letter 04:26 19-Jul-16
9:14 Lover Boy 03:29 13-Nov-16
9:18 Sirius 01:54 19-Jul-16
9:20 No Time For A Modern Girl 02:28 13-Nov-16
9:22 Such A Long Time 03:40 13-Nov-16
9:26 The Loveliest 03:32 14-Sep-16
9:30 Cash Cow  02:21 13-Nov-16
9:32 The Pool 03:33 9-Sep-17