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The 60 Grit Band
Hailing from Southern California, the band members—David Ferguson (vocals/guitar), Frank Orecchio (lead guitar), Brian Haringa (bass), Jeremiah Kiser (harmonica), and Nick Coffey (drums)—grew up together in the small mountain town of Lake Arrowhead.
Since they started this band 5 years ago, they have developed a solid and soulful sound that has proven time and again to attract audiences of all ages. One listen to the 60 Grit Band’s debut (self-titled) album quickly exposes their passion for music and reveals a very diverse musical influence, with an element of “grit” to it that truly sets them apart from other bands in the blues/rock genre.

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Worthless Soul 05:40 11-Sep-16
9:05 Don't Come Cheap 03:35 11-Sep-16
9:09 Oh Man 04:57 11-Sep-16
9:14 Mushrooms & Magic 04:16 11-Sep-16
9:18 Lonely Whiskey Blues 03:55 11-Sep-16
9:22 Better Half 02:48 11-Sep-16
9:25 You Got Soul 03:34 11-Sep-16
9:29 Hangin' Around 04:27 11-Sep-16
9:33 Wicked World 03:38 11-Sep-16
9:37 The Other Shoe 03:54 11-Sep-16