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J.A.R.S. stands for the 2 artist that work together creating form across the Big Pond.
Jim Armstrong lives in Scotland and Raphael Slagg lives in the Middle of No Where Mid-West Missouri . Though they have never met they send music back and forth and this is what the creating process comes up with between Jim Armstrong and Raphael Slagg from Blind Fret = J.A.R.S.
About the Album or EP We hope you enjoy the many varied styles on this album. It is really a Song of Life.
Produced by Raphael Slagg and Blind Fret
Jim Armstrong and Raphael Slagg = J.A.R.S

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Real 03:27 1-Dec-16
9:03 Warrior 04:06 2-Oct-16
9:07 Song of Life 03:58 1-Dec-16
9:11 Forever 04:26 2-Oct-16
9:16 Big Bang. 03:55 2-Oct-16
9:20 Mountains 04:08 2-Oct-16
9:24 Highland Dream 03:47 1-Dec-16
9:28 Drive n' Ride 04:40 1-Dec-16
9:33 Wilderness 04:08 17-Sep-16
9:37 Replay 03:25 1-Dec-16