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Erica are an awesome, dynamic, unsigned and original three-piece band hailing from Winchcombe, a small town in sleepy Gloucestershire. Having enjoyed recent success, they opened V Fest in Chelmsford in 2015 after winning a national Battle of the Bands competition.
Their debut album ‘Sons of the High Land,’ released in 2014 was credited with 4/5 stars by Kerrang.
They have just released their second album Hollow Moon to critical acclaim on iTunes on 12 August 2016.
In addition in the last three months Erica have been downloaded over 60000 times on Spotifty
Erica have played many festivals including Lakefest, RovinFest and Livestock. As well as returning to those festivals again this year they have added Ryderfest and Tadstock to the list. They are regulars in venues in Ilfracombe, The Steam Bar in Bristol and the Iron Road in Evesham
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Band Manager: Jez Sprigg

About the Album: When Paul Simon sings of “the Mississippi Delta shining like a National Guitar” in the song Graceland, one continent and two generations away three musicians understand instinctively just what it is he is speaking of. It is the idea of music being a thing of both soul as well as a transcendent beauty that can span both cultures and styles. So while Sons Of The High Land is ostensibly the work of three lads from the pastel coloured fields of Gloucestershire, in effect this is the work of keen and attentive students of the People’s Republic of Rock and Roll. The first cut of this 12 song set will have listeners wondering quite what this is all about.
Eschewing the notion that new acts should make their point quickly and not waste the busy listener’s time, Lucky 7 meanders into life slower than a paddle boat on the bayou. By the time the song snaps itself into form, moonshine and mosquito nets have given way to the more modernistic stylings best exemplified by Pearl Jam. This is familiar stuff, and of all the bands that have emerged onto arena stages in the past 20 years, none have spewed more detritus in their wake than Pearl Jam. But while Middle America and the middlebrow chew on the greasy bones of Nickelback and Creed, Erica – a name that is gonna take some getting used to – at least aspire to purer heights, and sometimes reach them. When this happens – as it does on Faith and Sons Of The High Land - it is magnificent. But whatever the weather, there is not a moment on this dense and dexterous set where Erica don’t sound like men who mean it. Standing proud in the fine tradition of power trios – where bands from Rush to Motorhead, from The Police to Green Day work just that little bit harder to fill the space – the arrangements here are thoughtful and usually deft. Occasionally the piece does become lost in a cul-de-sac of off-the-peg riffs (as is the case in the delightfully named Cuppa) but such lapses of taste and Judgement do not detain the listener for long.
Elsewhere this is the work of a group who have taken care with the songs they have written and (increasingly rare, these days) have learned to translate these songs into living form not with the help of modern recording devices but rather the timehonoured tradition of standing in front of an audience of strangers. On the strength of Sons Of The Highland, Erica will be turning these strangers into friends wherever they may find them.

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Lucky 7 03:50 25-Oct-16
9:03 Loaded Gun 04:30 25-Oct-16
9:08 Letter To Myself 03:29 25-Oct-16
9:12 Faith 04:24 25-Oct-16
9:16 Cuppa 04:34 25-Oct-16
9:21 Taste Of Heaven 05:00 25-Oct-16
9:26 Empathy 05:42 25-Oct-16
9:32 Sons Of The Highland 05:16 25-Oct-16
9:37 Never Punch Your Granny When She Shaves 05:27 25-Oct-16
9:42 Lullaby 04:53 25-Oct-16
9:47 I Will 07:03 25-Oct-16
9:55 Hollywood 10:41 25-Oct-16