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jay alan smith
jay alan smith is a multi-genre guitar player, singer, songwriter. Listening to his music is always an unexpected pleasure because you are never sure what you will hear. Sometime it's a tender acoustic ballad, the next it's a psychedelic rock tune in the tradition of the Byrds song Eight Miles High. Be ready for the unexpected.
Jim Croce meets The Black Crowes... at Church. This ain't K-Love, kids! Honest, versatile, eclectic... These are some of the words that have been used to describe jay's music. After hearing some of jay's acoustic tunes one person said it sounded like being in the mountains.
jay's most recent release, the album Iron Horse is more along the lines of a cross between BTO and Blackfoot. This album of original songs is highway music, celebrating the journey.
The guitar is the center piece of jay's sound, and more specifically the Washburn 12 string found in a Missouri pawn shop.
While there are times you can hear the traditional acoustic sound in songs like The Whistle Song, Jay uses the 12 string to drive the hard rock sound on songs like Drinkin' Alone and Shadow Rider as well.
If you are still reading at this point, thank you, and enjoy the show.

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