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Razors & Red Flags
Razors & Red Flags
are a unique blend of everything you love about all your treasured vinyl collection; the purity of college radio and the anthems of classic rock intertwines with pirate chantys, grifter lore, and zombie romance to form an original Northwestern Rock sound.
About the Album or EP Razors & Red Flags hail from Olympia, WA Wooden Ships / Iron Men is there 2nd full length release and their 1st with Rock Therapy Records. Recorded at Egg Studios, Seattle w/Conrad Uno & Dub Narcotic Studios, Olympia.

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Deal Breaker 03:52 2-Nov-16
9:03 Mana Machine 03:18 2-Nov-16
9:07 Mel Gibson 05:05 2-Nov-16
9:12 Evil Engineer 04:55 2-Nov-16
9:17 Yellow Kiwi 04:26 2-Nov-16
9:22 The Haze 05:38 2-Nov-16
9:27 Ghost Town 04:55 2-Nov-16
9:32 Undead Affair 04:28 2-Nov-16
9:37 Wreck Of The Ixxis 04:04 2-Nov-16