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Scott Smith
If ever a song summed up America’s state of mind in 2016, it’s Scott Smith’s piano stomping rocker “The World is Strange.”
Aiming to convey the overall concept of his infectious debut album The Sum of Life in its cover art, the Bay Area based Americana, country and blues influenced singer/songwriter hit upon a piercing lyric on that track: “The Lord’s gone away, he ain’t comin’ back/He’s on his way to Vegas in a new Cadillac.” So on the album cover, the Almighty, silver hair and beard whipping in the breeze, rolls carefree on the I-15 – about to pass by a hitchhiking Smith, as if to say, “You’ve lived it, you’re a rocker, write some songs, you figure it out.”
Over the course of the acoustic instrumental title track and the spirited mix of 10 edgy rockers and soulful ballads that follow, he does just that – with, to paraphrase the Beatles, a little help from his legendary Bay Area musical friends. The Marin County native, who had performed in cover bands for a number of years, got serious about songwriting and recording original material about four years ago. To continue the cover image metaphor, he set his intent on becoming a solo artist, and as things fell into place, it was like an unseen force was taking the wheel. Once he had the perfect mix of material, he began to make some phone calls, with the help of Jeff Martin the owner of Studio E, to musicians he knew could help flesh out his vision.
Smith first tapped David LaFlamme, a virtuoso classical and rock violinist who was the founder of the iconic San Francisco band It’s A Beautiful Day and toured back in the day with Dr. John and The Doors. LaFlamme put his signature sound on the free flowing acoustic instrumental opening title track, the uplifting and encouraging old school country/Americana tune “Bad Dreams” and “The Best Gift,” a graceful ballad Smith penned for his teenage son and daughter. Smith also invited Nina Gerber, who became famous for playing with the late folk artist Kate Wolf, to play acoustic guitar on the title track.
Mitch Woods, a boogie woogie pianist who has played with John Lee Hooker and Charlie Musselwhite, contributes his inimitable vibe to “The World is Strange” and the rollicking “more to life than work” anthem “Payday.” Also featured are Tommy Tutone drummer Vic Carberry; pianist and keyboardist Giovanni Imbesi, who has played with Yanni and Andy Summers; and Smith’s vocal coach Gailene Elliot, who sings backup on The Sum of Life in addition to creating beautiful vocal harmonies with him; Elliot has worked with many famous artists, including such as Keith Richards. Smith’s follow-up album, currently in progress, will feature another Bay Area legend, bluegrass mandolinist David Grisman, notable for his work with Jerry Garcia.
Growing up in the Bay Area had a deep impact on Smith, who was blessed with a wealth of historical anecdotes and insights from his first guitar teacher, David Nelson of The New Riders of the Purple Sage. “The SF music scene greatly inspired me along with birth of the 60’s music,” he says. “My older brother introduced a lot music to me. I bought my first Grateful Dead album when I was six. But I loved the Stones and Beatles, Cream, all that stuff, too. There was so much happening musically living in the Bay Area at that time. It was very alive.. It was great to learn from David and listen to stories of the birth of the Bay Area music scene and legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead. What inspired those performers were old time music and old blues.
“I also play old time fiddle more as a hobby, but I do draw from it in my guitar playing and song writing,” Smith adds.
“Americana/blues is part of my genetics. Americana, because it is hard to classify my music.
Blues, because I am mainly a blues based player. I’ve heard my songs described as old done in a new way. I like that, because I think the old music should be revisited and new vibrancy could come from it. I like writing stuff that gets your energy up and shake it. It’s all about having a good time, and we need more of that. The songs on The Sum of Life inspire me to reminisce about everyone I’ve known and experiences I’ve had. I think the final product really delivered that.”
About the Album: The Sum of Life.
This is my Debut album with a very eclectic mix from an opening beautiful instrumental to rock, country and a ballad. All originals, some of the artists included are: David Laflamme o It's a Beautiful Day, Nina Gerber of Kale Wolf, Mitch Woods and his Rocking 88's, Vic Carberry of Tommy Tu Tone.

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(PST) Name length Rating
9:00 The Sum Of Life  03:19 4
9:03 Eclipsing Moon 03:57 3
9:07 Blues Guitar Slinger 03:27 4
9:10 Payday 02:53 3
9:13 Bad Dreams  04:00 3
9:18 The Best Gift 05:23 3
9:23 Determination 04:42 3
9:28 Turn Out The Lights  02:46 3
9:31 The World is Strange  02:52 3
9:34 Over It Soon 03:14 4
9:37 Messing With Reality 03:36 4