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Crawling Solo
Born and raised in the deep woods in Småland Sweden. Got the music interest from my grandfather. He had his own big band.
Crawling Solo is a solo project. I took that name because that is what i do. Music on my own and when it suits me. The band i played in before took a break so i decided to do something on my own instead. A decision i don't regret. I think i play some kind of hard rock/metal but my influences comes from other kinds of music to. I love film music for example and i think that my film music interest shows in some of my songs. The first solo album i made was a little bit softer. I had one person who is sadly not among us in mind in some of the songs so it felt natural to make it softer. When i did my second
solo record i wanted to do something else that i had never done before so i made a concept album. Really fun to make the songs for that record. The lyrics are not personal att all. It was fun to fantasize about the subject the album is about. Right now I'm recording some songs for my new album.
Cheers/ Fredrik Crawling Solo
Album Title: March Or Die

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(PST) Name length Rating
9:00 Four Walls 04:54 3
9:04 On And On 05:12 3
9:10 Sirens Of The Sea 04:19 3
9:14 Black Coffie 05:01 3
9:19 Can You Hear Me Scream 06:36 3
9:26 Inside your Heart 03:33 3
9:30 Into The Pit 03:41 3
9:33 Dive 07:19 3
9:41 March Or Die 04:57 3