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Casimir Greenfield
Cas was born at the end of the 1940s and began performing in the late 60s, with a career based in Europe. During that time he toured constantly throughout Europe, working solo and with his band.
A well-known figure on the Dutch music scene in the 70s and 80s, Cas worked with artists as diverse as B.B. King, Yes, Sparks, Sonja Kristina, Kayak, Leonie Janssen, Frans Ehlhart, Herman Van Veen, Boudewijn de Groot and many others.
A chance meeting with Keith Allen in 2012 brought Cas right back into the music scene. Cas and Keith wrote a few songs and performed just the once with Keith’s band. That was enough to unlock the latent song writing talent that had lain dormant in Cas for a long while.
Cas had been working on his painting and novels and out there in the real world making a way as a successful antique dealer and broadcaster. The songs that had served him so well as a younger man no longer seemed relevant until a new, fresh outpouring of lyric and melody coalesced into a handful of new songs, both fresh and age appropriate. And so, in the early spring of 2012 Cas returned to the studio and ‘A Twist Of Time’ was born.
The floodgates were open. Rare gigs, including a set as DJ and performer at Womad followed. Then came the birth of ‘Boy In The Attic’ – a concept album of sorts drawing in recordings from four decades, Cas harmonising with a younger self, working with current musicians, playing with time.
In the spring of 2013 work began in earnest on ‘Boy’. The recordings are now complete. Immortals is the first to emerge. The story continues…
Home Made Mini: a love story. It’s the mid-1960s. How do you win the girl? The council estate kid is surrounded by grease monkeys who know their way around a engine. What’s our lad to do? Forget the cars and choppers, forget the etchings – he’ll run you up a frock! Boy makes mini, girl wears mini, boy gets girl!
Poison Pen: a modern take on Paperback Writer. Poison Pen explores the thought that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. The novelist is in complete control of the inhabitants of his pages, changing lives with one stroke of his pen. There are parallels out there in this Kafkaesque world we inhabit.
Immortals is at once a celebratory song, a song of fear and dread, and ultimately, a song of hope. Celebratory because Cas grew up in the era when love and peace seemed all we needed to save a world on the brink of madness. Much has changed and yet, perhaps, nothing has changed.
Boy in the Attic: Pure 1940s Film Noir meets the graphic novelist. A dark story of Private Dicks, Femme Fatales, Gin-soaked priests and the crazed illustrator. Is it all imagination? The Boy in the Attic has a twist in his tale that fools us all.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Not Dead Yet 03:38 4
2 9:03 Homemade Mini 01:59 4
3 9:05 Secret Lovers 03:42 4
4 9:09 Mayflies 05:26 4
5 9:15 Change of heart 07:06 4
6 9:22 Boy in the Attic 05:27 4
7 9:27 Poison Pen 04:14 4
8 9:32 Green Fingers 03:36 5
9 9:35 Immortals 04:19 4
10 9:40 Splinters and Sparks (instr) 02:41 4