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SONDER is the Distorted Echo of Narkissos's Tales of Post-Punk DepressSean Rippling Through Fuzzy Dream/Like Moments of Lost Tyme.
The Alternative Rock Breaking Apart an Indie Mind Sets the Stage Buy the Use of Wild at Heartfelt Beats Reflecting Against the Waves of Truth while wishing well Beyond Maryland's Eastern Shore.
in other words- it's fucking rock -n- roll... --TURN IT UP!!

The Mind's Eye was recorded in the Spring of 2014 in Easton, MD. Release June 26, 2014. Produced by Pete Hanlon. All songs written by Sean F. Schultz except the last one, my lil homage to Lou Barlow. Hope you enjoy my very personal masterpiece. thx. Sf
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About the Album: Veteran muso Casimir Greenfield was quiet for a couple of decades before launching a new collection of tunes at the 30th Womad Festival in the summer of 2012. Now that collection of tunes is available worldwide on such digital download sites as iTunes, Amazon and a host of other music websites.
The Womad performance marked Cas's return to the performing stage and a UK festival tour for 2013 is in the planning stage.
A Twist Of Time is an eclectic collection of fourteen original tunes, some recorded with Gloucestershire band The Hitch Hoppers, plus sax legend Patsy Gamble, Rufus Fry and Stephan Merlot. Many of the tracks were recorded acapella, others as multitracked solo outings.
The material covers subject matter as diverse as the recession, cult religion, 911, life and death. One of the most striking tracks, 'Barafundle' is a paean to the Pembrokeshire coast , with echoes of a Serge Leoni western theme in the haunting combination of choir, cello and harmonica.
While spare in their arrangements, the tunes on A Twist Of Time are given colour with touches of sitar, melodian and whistle.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Statik 00:21 1
2 9:00 Why? 01:08 2
3 9:01 Shangri-La 04:39 4
4 9:06 Happiness 03:51 4
5 9:10 Fallen 03:40 4
6 9:14 (Jason Lee) 00:06 1
7 9:14 Electric Hangover 04:45 1
8 9:19 Pigeon in the Park 04:09 4
9 9:23 Polka de Hanna 05:19 4
10 9:28 Suicide (make believe) 02:52 4
11 9:31 Touch Me 04:02 4
12 9:35 Downfall (of america) 03:43 4
13 9:39 Why? (reprize) 02:39 4
14 9:42 Neo (a flower) 02:25 4
15 9:44 Brand New Love (Lou Barlow) 03:25 4