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Last Featured on this show October 22, 2016

Derecho is an experienced and hard-working female-fronted original rock band with captivating stage presence and energy. Our music ranges from full-on rock to emotional acoustic, and is full of melodies that stick in your mind. We play regularly across the UK, and we have an online following around the world, with airplay on the BBC and regular plays on US and European radio stations.
About the Album: “Ideal Imperfections” is the third studio album from Derecho and the follow up to “Coffee and Disruption”. Whilst rock is the running theme - opening with the thumping “Summer Rain” - the album ventures into contrasting territories; with the pop driven “An Epiphany”, the haunting “Fear” and the swing version of “Pushing Me Away”. 
“Ideal Imperfections” is produced by Derecho's drummer, Mike Ellis and features Jo Ash on vocals and keyboards, Mike Wheatley on guitars, bass is by Edd Evans Morley except “Summer Rain” which has Steve Banks playing bass.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Summer Rain 03:43 4
2 9:03 An Epiphany 03:57 4
3 9:07 Survive 02:43 4
4 9:10 Fear 04:18 4
5 9:15 Fame Whore 03:45 4
6 9:18 Pushing Me Away 04:01 4
7 9:22 Slightly Unusual 02:43 4
8 9:25 September Song 03:42 3
9 9:29 Perceptions of the Perfect 04:16 4
10 9:33 Tempestuous 04:58 5
11 9:38 Lost in Winter 03:57 4