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Paolo "Ezua" Zangara and Marino "Malima" Peiretti start their collaboration in the band IK14. The more than positive experience soon turns them into the top italian Drum & Bass band: IK14 start hitting the stages of some of the most renowned Italian and European festivals, playing alongside famous bands such as: Chumbawamba, Apollo 440, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nine Inch Nails and many others. After this lucky adventure, Ilaria "Ali" Nicolini, with her solid background in theatre and performances, joins the band. Ali’s voice perfectly blends in their project, which includes an unusual use of electronic music.
Ophiuco seek a particular way to destructure, look for fractals to soil and to propose again and for sound scenarios that remind of something or a specific period. Sounds get dirty to mirror and fit modern society and the inevitability of everyday life. This is how the band – now named Ophiuco- starts its new adventure.
In 2007 Hypno Queue is released with Minuta Records, and divided in two Eps available on-line only. A tour along Italy follows. After this work, everybody gets back to their personal projects, just to meet again in 2014 to work on Hybrid, which will be released in September 2015 by Seahorse Recordings. For this new album, Ophiuco decide to involve new voices: Irene “Ire” Parabita, Luca “Morse” Morselli and Nathalie “Nat” Carlesso (Little Creatures, Tin Toys), so as to have a new sound and structural impact. The new tracks have a pretty unusual “song shape”. Everything is more open, ready to embrace apparent contrasts and to create a parallel space in which the heavy feeling of reality can be neutralized, following a hypnotic zone or something very similar.
About the Album: second cd by ophiuco. All compositions by ophiuco recorded at malimaStudio mix & mastering by malima produced by cristiana tenti.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 10:00 Desert 03:32 3
2 10:03 Trip 04:28 3
3 10:08 Pneumatic Psyco Bodhidharma 05:00 3
4 10:13 Ground 02:50 2
5 10:16 While 04:20 3
6 10:20 Stress is a Killer 03:30 3
7 10:24 Scrowls of Intentiones 04:50 2
8 10:29 Figurato 03:54 3
9 10:33 Out of the Window 04:02 3
10 10:37 Transitional Eyes 03:52 2
11 10:41 Game Machine 05:52 2