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Paleo Sun
Like an old soul with a bright spirit, Paleo Sun has risen to the music scene in a mosaic of sound. With a positively soulful voice and the applause of guitar, Sai sings with an affinity for poetic song. his rhythmic hooks & lyrical rhymes are enlivened with the flavor of urban folk and alternative sounds. Under the moniker Paleo Sun he writes and performs soulful acoustic shows.
sOulrizon Unplugged EP (Released May 2015) Minor Groove Productions reveals the heart and soul of Paleo Sun in their latest EP release, “sOulrizon Unplugged.” Their new EP describes the epic journey through an ever changing world while it cooks up an irie vibe in roots rock fashion. Like an old soul with a bright spirit “sOulrizon unplugged” brightens the vision of third eye under the rise of Father Sun and Mother Moon. In each track you feel the vibe of the didgeridoo, the heartbeat of the djembe, the soulful vocals accompanied with applause of acoustic guitar rhythms.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 sOulrizon 06:15 3
2 9:06 Along the Way 04:25 3
3 9:10 Paleo Sun Tribe 05:11 3
4 9:16 Love Gold 03:18 3
5 9:19 Water Won't Drown Me 02:54 3