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 Last Featured on this show January 4, 2016

Sista Jean and CB

This is the 3rd Song Off Of Our CD "Sista Jean & CB's "Requiem For A Heavyweight(Tribute To Odetta)" We are a Duo with Our Own Band "The Blues Machine" we are located in the Los Angeles, Ca. area Look Out for Us!

SISTA JEAN & CB make no bones about what They want to play and sing about. Whether its Americana, Blues, Rock, R&B, or Jazz, There stories come in many colors and rhythms. Influenced by the west coast sound, Their presence is amazing.
Sista Jean started as a BG singer for the studios in Los Angeles over twenty-years ago and still has the fire inside to groove with the best in the business.
"I had an opportunity to sing with Mick Jagger on his 2nd solo album. We did the song "Think" by James Brown and Lynn Collins. “That was fantastic. But there is nothing like being in front of hundreds and thousands of fans who appreciate your songs. I like that more than anything in life. Right now, I go out acoustically with my co-partner and guitar player Carlyle Barriteau.He's played with Rickie Lee Jones, Patti Austin,and is holding it down for Bobby Caldwell.He's a great player, singer, and writer in his own right.”
“When We do get an opportunity to perform with our band "The Blues Machine", We have Bill Pittman on Bass, Jeff Suttles on Drums,Norm Weatherly on Keyboards and Synth Horns, and Ed Neal on keyboards. We've been with the band now for over five years and they know us inside and out. My influences started with Aretha Franklin, then to Chaka Khan, and foremost to Joan Armatrading. These women showed me the way to music and I never lose sight of them in the goals I want to achieve. I don't compare myself to them or anyone else. I give over 100% when I'm presenting myself to the people, and I live through my songs.CB and I want to be around for a long time.We have set our sights on being one of the best bands out on the road performing for the people.It's more than just singing songs, it’s about the living that goes on in the songs themselves.”
“If there is one thing in life We could say to people, it would be to never give up on the dreams and goals you set for yourself in life.”


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(PST) Artist Song
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9:10 Sista Jean and CB House Of The Rising Sun 
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