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 Last Featured on this show January 13, 2016

Sterling Fox and
Samantha Ronson

 (New York City, NY) Musical enigma Sterling Fox is back at it again with a tough new single "Angry Sons". In a Danny Zuko like turn, he's released a duet with friend and dj extraordinaire Samantha Ronson. With shades of punk, mod, and '80s inspired rock, the tune is a musical send up to the road movie aesthetic and the perils of loving a criminal. Over the wailing sirens of saxophone and shredding electric guitar, Samantha and Sterling tell the story of a boy who "pulled his last cigarette and took the smoke to his grave". In a plea to her lawless lover, Samantha cautions "...outlaws leave angry sons" as the two singers spin the tale of love gone rogue. Premiered by AV Club online, "Angry Sons" received shoutouts from Mark Ronson, Nate Ruess, and the Madden Brothers and has already received airplay on Beats1 Radio and BBC Radio2.


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(PST) Artist Song
9:00 The Infinity Process PROGRESS of ELIMINATION ALBUM
9:20 Sterling Fox and Samantha Ronson Angry Sons
9:25 Kylie Hughes It Still Hurts
9:29 WEBLEY Pride And Joy
9:33 Wild Ride I'm Crying
9:37 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
9:41 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You
9:44 PanMad Clouded (Vintage) sin
9:49 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today
9:54 Rob Phillimore HERE I 
9:58 Sista Jean and CB Midnight Special 
10:02 Tony Michael Ellis Winter Surf
10:06 Andy Newton River Rushing Through My Heart
10:10 Charlie Leavy Wearing Your Kiss
10:14 Violet Mary Above the Crowd
10:20 Gashunters Soldier of my bare soul
10:25 Tom Rhodes Bread and Roses
10:28 Makar The Monkey
10:33 MM3 Love's Crush
10:37 Rocker Law and Order
10:40 Spike Treading Water
10:46 Slam Cartel Once In a Lifetime
10:50 The Broken Arrows Had a safer World
10:54 Exzavier Whitley Where To
10:56 Jeff Campbell So Down On
11:00 Lake Lady Will Your Feelings Change?
11:03 Aged Teen Seaside Suicide
11:08 The Broux I'd Know
11:12 Eternal Spiritus High School Teen Rage
11:16 Michael Tiffany Tow The Line
11:21 The Minerals Ball Of String
11:23 mojomakerz Weirdiful You (Youth Mix)
11:27 Pedwell Get That Thing!
11:31 SixStringNoise Fight Back
11:34 The Watanabes Love Princess
11:38 The 3rd Bridge Love Like This
11:41 A Shoreline Dream Time is a Machine Gun
11:46 Barry International Prisoner
11:52 Frozen Houses Birmingham Road Birthday Song
11:55 Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Josh
11:59 Jessica s Theme Band Big Story
12:04 Julie Lamb Clouds Cried Red
12:08 Maria Masucci For a little While
12:12 Michael Reynolds Only Thing
12:16 Michael Tiffany The Way It Was 
12:21 My Cruel Goro Clash
12:24 Nancy Ruth Para Ti
12:28 Nikki Lorenzo Firebox
12:32 Ola Lofven Let It Begin
12:36 The Olivia deHavilland Mosquitoes Hard Water
12:39 Pipeline Bloodflow
12:42 SCAR Ain't no love
12:47 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
12:51 Sonder Lost in Tyme
12:55 STALE  Into the clouds
1:00 Three Left Beating Around The Bush
1:04 Villa Avenue Running In Circles
1:08 Dan McCarthy Drifting Away
1:13 The Wyle Band Feel It
1:17 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:21 The 3rd Bridge Megachild
1:25 Albert Bevia Somewhere Inbetween
1:28 Andrew Taylor Why Can't We All Get Along?
1:32 Burning Astronomers Sail On
1:35 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A)
1:40 Casimir Greenfield Money Matters
1:43 The Daytonas Out of the Dakness
1:46 Dan McCarthy Fence Post Man (12 String)
1:49 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:53 East Side Rhythm Aces Rio Grande
1:57 Elias Fuksodi One Sunny Morning