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 Last Featured on this show January 18, 2016

Silhouette Cities

Silhouette Cities is a hard rock/alternative band based out of the Washington, DC area by way of New Jersey and Philly. The hard rock outfit deftly combines elements of alternative, hard rock, pop, metal and punk.

Silhouette Cities’ 2nd studio album, 'No Worse for the Wear,' was released on August 4, 2015. The sophomore record was produced by John Collura, formerly of The Ataris, and Mike Menocker at Silent Owl Studio. Both albums are available on iTunes.


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(PST) Artist Title
9:46 Silhouette Cities Snakes and Vultures
9:49 Art Block Borderline
9:52 The Lovebuzzards Dungeon Party
9:55 Nick O'Demian Gonna Go Down
9:59 Gracious Me Left Behind
10:02 BAMIL Hipnoteyes
10:06 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
10:11 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
10:15 The Pieces of Mind Night Time Is The Right Time
10:20 The Pieces of Mind I Need Someone
10:24 T Dawn Someone Different
10:29 Violet Mary Leave the Light On
10:33 Gashunters Thicker than blood
10:37 Makar 99 Cent Dreams
10:40 MM3 High And Die
10:44 Rocker The Harvester
10:48 Slam Cartel Goldenstream
10:52 The Watanabes London 2009
10:56 Jessica s Theme Band Matter of Time
11:00 Casimir Greenfield Barafundle
11:04 Sonder Suicide (make believe)
11:07 Nic Nassuet She Rides Moonlight
11:13 jay alan smith IronHorse
11:20 Aged Teen Endless Dawn
11:25 Derecho  Fear
11:29 The Nolas Shut It Off
11:36 Astral Void B.F.F
11:41 Booker Creed Live For Today
11:44 Disappearer Lower
11:50 Jason Wells Tear Down These Walls
11:53 Lewisland Make Me A Believer
11:56 Michael Reynolds Silver Horses
12:00 Oni O Neill The Smell of Spring
12:04 The Superphone love will find a way
12:08 Tom Rhodes Heartland
12:12 The Weird and The Wonderful Highway
12:18 7th Order Wild Dogs/Ballad of Easy Rider
12:21 Albert Bevia The Perfect Duo
12:25 Dan McCarthy peace on earth
12:28 THE BAWLERS Into The Light
12:33 Bedrokk My Mistake
12:36 Booker Creed Sweet Revenge
12:39 Byron Siren Hair Back Tight
12:42 Casimir Greenfield Boy in the Attic
12:48 Citizen Joe I m in Love
12:53 The Disfavoured Party Headbutt
12:56 Flemt Baby Come On
1:01 Folkwood Songbird
1:04 Icicle U-Turn
1:08 Dan McCarthy Fence Post Man (12 String)
1:11 Kuhl Funky Drag
1:14 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:17 Michael Reynolds Your Life 
1:21 The Midnight Gig The Midnight Gig
1:25 mojomakerz Sahara (Youth Mix)
1:30 PORTABLE HIGH Bits And Pieces
1:34 The Quinch Experiment Firefly
1:38 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:42 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A)
1:47 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:50 Phil Butta You Got The Right
1:55 Ola Lofven Let It End