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 Last Featured on this show January 27, 2016

Under The Tongue
Under the Tongue are a Berlin based alternative rock band who are Mark Eden (vox/guitar/programming) from Melbourne (AUS), Julia Eden (vox/bass/piano) from Berlin (DE) and Alexander Cumming (drums) from Calgary (CA). UTT consists of beautifully crafted rock, alternative, ambient, experimental sound sculptures that are strong, sumptuous, playful and atmospheric. A beautiful collage of styles composed of lush piano and simple powerful guitar lines set against a back drop of groove driven, lavish drumscapes. Carroll’s tale of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets the dark ‘Brothers Grimm’ fairytales with a splash of Pop/Rock. Mark is an Australian International award winning artist/singer/songwriter who has written over 700 songs and has released several successful solo albums before forming Under The Tongue with Julia in 2008. In May 2015 Alex joined the band to complete their live lineup. Influences are Puscifer, The Kills, The Beatles, Oasis, A Perfect Circle and The White Stripes. Their new album ‘Potions’ which was mastered by the amazing Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rolling Stones…) has just been released and the band is now preparing for their ‘Potions’ Tour starting in spring 2016.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:16 Under The Tongue Caterpillar
9:20 Operation Neptune Spear Subvert
9:23 ROC KANDI Wanna Fall In Love
9:26 BAMIL Hipnoteyes
9:31 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:36 Jamie Slate Take It Now
9:39 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
9:42 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded)
9:47 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
9:50 mojomakerz Weirdiful You
9:54 Nick O'Demian Gonna Go Down
9:58 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
10:03 Silent Stranger I'm Alive
10:06 Sista Jean and CB House Of The Rising Sun 
10:11 T Dawn My Words
10:15 Wicked Saints River of Fire
10:18 Makar Andrea
10:24 Disappearer Dreaming in Red
10:28 Casimir Greenfield Immortals
10:32 Wicked Saints Set You Free
10:38 Matt Steady Jack O'Kent
10:40 FrontAxle Heavens Road
10:45 Daggerplay Blind Horses
10:48 Barley Station Safe Return
10:54 Frozen Houses Listen
10:58 Gashunters Little Things
11:01 Sasser On My Way
11:05 AirCrash Detectives Shock Therapy
11:10 The Boulton Brothers Band Here I Stand
11:16 Citizen Joe Die in My Arms
11:21 Colours of Life Life
11:26 dead flowers grieving heart
11:30 Foxtrax I'll Be Back For You
11:34 The Marbles Jackson Requiem For The Have It Alls
11:39 XOVA Are You Ready
11:43 Akoustic Odyssey Jolly Roger
11:47 BAMIL Love Is Where You Are
11:52 Colours of Life Thoughts
11:57 DownFall Chin Up 
12:01 Folkwood Helping Hand
12:05 From The Balcony Love Song
12:08 Gashunters Nobody
12:12 Gentlemen of rock and roll Don't feel the same
12:16 Hackmonocut The Ripper
12:21 Hell s Belles Abysinnian Demesne
12:27 The Hourglass Abandoned
12:36 IRIS Corporation A New Saint Session
12:41 The Leavelles Something Old
12:44 The Marbles Jackson Now Will Ever Be The Same
12:46 The Muggs Fat City
12:51 Phillip Foxley On The Fly! (Instrumental)
12:55 Piuma Universoul
1:01 portable high dirty little something
1:04 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:07 Red Hot Roosters Better Man(Pop's Song)
1:12 Shadow of Comfort Hope Is On the Move
1:15 Sergeant Six Dyed blond
1:19 Albert Bevia Your Writtings on my Wall
1:22 Audiolepsia Cenizas
1:27 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:31 Barley Station Goodnight Mary
1:34 DownFall Sleaze
1:39 Drained Glory Autumn Leaves
1:42 Dan McCarthy I'll Climb
1:45 eric james band twisted life
1:49 Folkwood I Tell You
1:50 Paul Christopher Lying Low
1:54 From The Balcony Insane
1:57 Gentlemen of rock and roll Don't talk dont speak