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 Last Featured on this show January 28, 2016

Lynn Callihan
 Lynn's music has been described as "ear candy for the soul" and has never been between the lines. The force that drives him can never settle into only one genre . And the spectrum's of sounds he creates is a vast universe of Funk, Folk, Acoustic Blues,Bluegrass, Americana and Jazz.
About the Album or EP Its Here! Its been a long road ( no pun intended ) and I feel a little like chicken little, but its happening this time "THAT'S RIGHT" Order yours today and get it by midweek The cost is only $12 and with that you get a signed copy of the road ( If you choose ) FREE delivery ( in US only, International orders will be charged appropriately ) and also a FREE MP3 download....... ( If you only want the MP3 it will still only be $5 ) Get yours today or wait a week, either way your gonna dig this disc. please allow 4-5 business days for delivery. Peace Lynn the Road The Musicians Lynn Callihan - Guitar,Vocals,Harp and Talking Drum Rob Scott - Dobro, Banjo and Mando Denny Richards - Bass Brady Heuser - Dobro, Guitar and Mando David McElfresh - Fiddle and Mando Additional Players Mike Tekulve - Drums ,Steel , and accordion Credits Recording Howling Wolf Mobile Studio MI, KY & IN Mix Engineer 1.Mike Tekulve Mix Engineer 2. Benjamin Schummer at CAA Studio Taylor Mill KY Produced by Mike Tekulve & Lynn Callihan Drum tracks created from samples via Loop Loft unless other wise stated All songs written by Lynn Callihan © 2015 BMI www.lynncallihan.net

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Jamie Slate Another Saturday EP
9:17 Lynn Callihan Perfect Life
9:22 BAMIL Hipnoteyes
9:26 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:32 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
9:35 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded)
9:40 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
9:43 mojomakerz Blue Stars
9:47 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
9:50 The Pieces of Mind Judgement Day
9:55 Silent Stranger Silent Stranger
9:59 Sista Jean and CB Hear Me Talkin' To Ya
10:03 T Dawn Crash Down
10:09 Under The Tongue Together Once Again
10:13 Wicked Saints Shut It Down
10:18 Disappearer Hunted
10:22 Wicked Saints Baby Gray Bird
10:25 AcG with the world
10:28 Matt Steady Passion for pinecones
10:31 FrontAxle All The Same
10:35 Daggerplay Glitter Rodeo
10:38 Frozen Houses Hummingbird
10:43 Barley Station I've Got News
10:46 The Boulton Brothers Band Never Look Back
10:54 XOVA R Generation G Corp Dub
10:58 AirCrash Detectives Save Me From Your God
11:03 Barley Station Rain When You Go
11:07 Remedy For All Nova
11:13 Sasser Rhyme and Reason
11:16 Colours of Life Dreamin'
11:19 DownFall No Tomorrow
11:23 Folkwood The World
11:26 Gashunters The Mirror
11:29 Hell s Belles Scars 
11:35 IRIS Corporation The Greedman
11:38 John Ludi Never Be
11:44 La Casa al Mare I Don't Want To
11:47 Lilywhoooooooooo hitotsu
11:52 The Marbles Jackson No More Feeling Like
11:57 The March Divide I Told You So
12:00 Motor City Crush What's The News (Have You Heard?)
12:02 The Muggs Lightning Cries
12:07 paul limb 220 miles above the Earth
12:14 The Saw Burning Bridges
12:18 Sonny Hunter Anxious
12:21 Valkyre Béziers
12:25 AFTERLIFE Astral flight
12:30 Atomicana Lost in Her Name
12:33 Bad Seasons Sinner
12:38 blackdahlia Lost in the Daylight
12:43 Brooklyn Pets Mega Idiot
12:47 Bryan Art Knowledge Is The Power
12:51 Carlos Wilde My Way Home
12:54 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
12:59 Dawn Gazers how am I
1:02 Derek King Sometimes
1:06 Emily Browne Strangest Places
1:09 eric james band am i still alive
1:18 From The Balcony He's gone
1:21 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See
1:28 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:32 Gentlemen of rock and roll I Don't Feel like you
1:36 Hugo Balbi The Alchemist
1:42 Irenka Dreamland
1:46 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:49 John Cubbin No one but me
1:55 The Leavelles Maureen