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Last Featured on this show Febuary 3, 2016

Physical Blue

Hi from Mark Gillman

I have been writing, playing and recording music all my life.
I started playing to music on the kitchen chairs with a couple of old sticks when i was 3 years old.
It was my dream to become a pop star even in them days.
I have been playing drums around the world since i was 18 years old.
I started playing the keyboards when i was on holiday in Thailand.
I don't think i can really play the keyboards but i just like having fun making music.
I have been in bands like: Physical Blue, Candu, Wild Affair,
and played for some top stars in the music business.







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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Forge The Rubicon EP
9:20 Physical Blue You Are The One I Love
9:24 Killhippie Blackjack
9:28 Samson Letting it go
9:31 AirCrash Detectives Cinderella Man
9:35 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:40 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
9:44 Linda Debella Jupiter Moon
9:48 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded)
9:53 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
9:56 mojomakerz Blue Stars
10:00 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:03 Sista Jean and CB House Of The Rising Sun 
10:07 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used TO Be
10:12 T Dawn Someone Different
10:17 Trendlaser Some Say Love Is
10:21 Under The Tongue Procrastination
10:25 Daggerplay Cunts
10:29 The Boulton Brothers Band LoveLouiseLove
10:36 John Ludi Shooting Star
10:40 Morgan s Road Good, Good, Gone
10:44 Swamp Music Players Weeping Dynamite
10:46 Deborah Magone It's Alright
10:50 Les Paul s (The Paul s) Smiling Through Clenched Teeth 
10:55 Nikki Lorenzo Be My Man
10:58 Richard Gilbert I Would Go
11:04 STALE  won t fit in
11:09 Alia Tempora Disconnected
11:13 Casimir Greenfield Homemade Mini
11:15 Frank Palangi Remembrance
11:19 The Harrison Brothers An Empty Walk
11:23 Hell s Belles Overload
11:26 Icicle The Light That Made Me Blind
11:30 Jan Henrik Vuyk Soulmate
11:35 Jupiter In Velvet The Beauty of U
11:39 Luis Drayton So Perfect
11:43 Mario Tomic One Evening In Oblivion
11:47 Michael Lucking As She Grows
11:51 Migration of the Herd Jungle Jim
11:55 Mike Grosshandler Nothing Much
11:58 MikeyLow Too Scared To Admit
12:01 The Muggs Straight Up Boogaloo
12:06 Nick O'Demian The Hype
12:10 Novakayn Another Day in Paradise
12:13 Orphan Boy Beats Like Distant Tides
12:17 Oslo Iversen Haven Autocue
12:19 Phil Cooper So It Seems
12:24 Ricky Gray No Return Ticket
12:28 Rocker Time Traveller
12:32 The Saw Him Over Me
12:37 Silent Stranger In My Heart
12:41 The Wyle Band Freedom's Calling
12:44 Animal Holograms Psychoasis
12:49 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
12:53 Calling Apollo Monsters
12:58 The Crocked Monsieurs Sunshine Moonshine
1:06 Daisy Trail On Holiday By Mistake
1:12 Dawn Gazers Eyes Wide Shut
1:15 Derek King Beautiful in Blue
1:20 Dan McCarthy My Fathers House
1:23 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:27 Emily Browne She Crazy
1:30 Evan Balzer Trails
1:33 Henry Maybury You're beautiful
1:37 Icicle Leave All The Wishing To You
1:41 J-Nor Evolution
1:46 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:49 Leslie Krafka Magdalena
1:53 Massimiliano Paternò CAROLINA