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Last Featured on this show Febuary 7, 2016

Flowers in Syrup
The alternative rockin´ three piece Flowers in Syrup is up to raise your hackles due to unique melodies, pumping rhythms and an overwhelming presence. Costantino Campello Squeo´s expressive true voice and catchy half-acoustic guitar melodies meet with Tobias Sippel´s innovative pretty bass lines and Nico Mania is a soulmate in groove who rounds out the band´s tight rhythm section. The band´s tremendous epic sound keeps your feet moving and your eyes sparkling leaving a vibe where your heart paints the color in your blood. Flowers in Syrup is Costantino Campello Squeo (vox, guitar), Nico Mania (drums) and Tobias Sippel (bass)
www.forksterrocks.net FORKSTER Few Words on ‘Flowers in Syrup’: Flowers in Syrupare a magnificent rock n’ roll that hail out of Stuttgart, Germany, This thrilling music trio bring an atmospheric alternative rock base with fantastic genre ranges heard of Britpop sparkle, indie rock jolt, post-rock might and chilling rock n’ roll rooted bluesy charms. The overall musicianship efforts gloriously ignited out roaring and jangling riff skies, ‘booming and zooming’ vocal stands alongside ‘stomping and romping’ rhythm packs throughout. This is a massively impressive EP performance and I wholeheartedly could foresee this really enthusing the alternative/indie rock appreciator globally, ‘top band’! more here...

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