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Last Featured on this show Febuary 14, 2016

Hotel On Mars
‘Don’t Feel Like Daylight’ is the self-released debut album by Dublin based five-piece Hotel On Mars. Their 10 track opus will be launched on February 19th with a show at The Grand Social, Dublin.
Ray, Niall, Graham, Dan and Marcin, who make up Hotel On Mars, are no strangers to
filling the air with music. Thy Worshipper, Xerosun, The Idiots, Neon Flea Circus, Tarantella Fall and Diablo DC are some of the projects to have benefited from their talents. They hope to add a few more to the list when they’re rich and famous. Possibly a side project with failed X-Factor singers or something with kazoos.
Their debut album ‘Don’t Feel Like Daylight’ was recorded in Mwnci Studios, in the
Welsh Valley in Autumn 2015 with Jethro Chaplin at the helm. It was self-produced by the band, who all played live in a big old room and stuck the results to tape. This group of five have managed to mash together many musical styles for the good of mankind.
With nods to The Clash, The Ruts, Pixies, Fugazi, Franz Ferdinand, John Denver, Phil
Collins, Pearl Jam and whatever you’re having yourself.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Town Crier Alive EP
9:12 Hotel On Mars Want What You Want
9:15 Rouge Didis Friends of Mine
9:18 Tina Fisher & Afterlife Friends of Mine
9:21 Yesterday That Summer
9:25 Yesterday It's What You Wanted
9:29 Black Water Broken Like A Thread
9:33 Black Water Secrets In My Mind
9:38 Black Water Bolt
9:43 AirCrash Detectives Let Me Be Myself
9:47 Barley Bouffler Mysterious Man
9:53 Cornelious Horn Going Blind
9:57 Flowers in Syrup Gravity Attraction
10:02 Glen Ross I Scream
10:07 Jupiter In Velvet The Beauty of U
10:12 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded)
10:16 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
10:20 Mike Sands  Wander No More 
10:23 mojomakerz Weirdiful You
10:28 Morgan s Road Savannah
10:34 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:37 Riff Reign You Are The Best Thing In My Life
10:41 Sista Jean and CB Midnight Special 
10:46 Stacked Like Pancakes Sway
10:49 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
10:53 T Dawn Crash Down
10:59 Under The Tongue Dreams Are Like
11:02 John Ludi Trust
11:06 Jay Woodward Gone
11:11 sugar gliders Tumbleweeds & dust
11:17 Leslie Krafka Jewel
11:21 Midwest Soul Xchange She Flies
11:26 Riff Reign So Many Years
11:30 Nature Airliner Seize the Day
11:33 Death To Indie Round 2
11:36 Under the Influence Had My Time
11:39 Vardis The Knowledge
11:43 Aged Teen Plastic Wrapped Passengers
11:47 Ambiance Evolution Yellow Bossanova
11:51 The Broux Knock Three Times
11:56 Casimir Greenfield Green Fingers
11:59 Charlie Leavy Falter Baby
12:06 Dylan Muetterties Inspiration Point
12:09 Febria A Great Place to Surf (original)
12:15 Gashunters Flat line
12:19 Kuhl Zsa Zsa (for Craig)
12:24 Silent Stranger Make Way For The Ladies
12:29 Mikey Jahbree Wooley Scapegoat
12:34 MM3 Society Falling
12:38 Paul Christopher Lying Low
12:42 Neil Warden Mojave
12:46 The Quinch Experiment Squaring The Circle
12:50 Rob Vance Flicker
12:54 Rocker Midnight Blue
12:58 Room1Fourteen Living In Dreams 
1:02 Sister Satellite Bottle of poison
1:06 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:09 Slam Cartel Wishing Eye
1:14 Sounds From Wednesday Off My Track
1:17 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See
1:23 Starkett Levee How Many
1:27 Sterling Fox Freak Caroline
1:33 Street Threat Running out of Time
1:36 Tom Rhodes Dull Razor
1:40 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:43 Violet Mary Breathe In Deep
1:48 Warhead Rising Dangerous
1:54 YourEnvy Hotroddin'