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Last Featured on this show Febuary 23, 2016

The Clock Spiders

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Three Left EP
9:21 The Clock Spiders The Hole
9:26 The Clock Spiders Tough Love Ambrose
9:31 The Clock Spiders Whiskey
9:35 The Lady anoNYMous Jade's Theme (Van Gogh Reprise)
9:39 Truman Behind the scenes.
9:42 AirCrash Detectives Shock Therapy
9:48 Barley Bouffler To Go Solo
9:50 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:55 Bold Kelly I wanna
9:58 Flowers in Syrup Dreams
10:02 Glen Ross I Scream
10:07 Hackmonocut Homeland
10:11 Hotel On Mars Want What You Want
10:14 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
10:18 Kylie Hughes Calipopicana
10:27 Lynn Callihan Tell me Why
10:32 Mike Sands  Unsaid 
10:37 Morgan s Road Sugar on Your Lips
10:41 Riff Reign You Are The Best Thing In My Life
10:46 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
10:50 T Dawn My Words
10:54 Will of Wilmington Nikki's Song
10:57 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
11:01 Julie Lamb I Wanna Go To The Sun
11:10 Jeff Campbell Jail
11:15 Soul Phlegm Noose Of The Night
11:21 Colonels of Truth Never a Princess 
11:28 Derecho  Survive
11:31 Mario Tomic Her Trembling Bridge
11:35 Brian The Hat Duckworth Always On My Mind
11:39 Disappearer White Sun / Red Moon
11:45 Falcon Down Garden Gate 
11:49 Fire of Caron No Return
11:54 jay alan smith drinkin' alone
11:59 Icicle Moonwalker
12:03 Jessica s Theme Band It Happened Again
12:07 jointpop Simply Beautiful
12:11 Kuhl Head Rush
12:15 Lori Nebo The Character of a Good Man
12:19 Man.Goes Human Fading
12:25 Michael Reynolds Inside
12:28 MM3 Big Blue
12:33 Nic Nassuet The Nothing
12:36 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:39 Nick O'Demian Told You Thrice
12:42 The Nolas Dance The Night Away
12:46 Dan McCarthy You Don't Know What I'm Thinking
12:49 Paul Maged Cause and Effect
12:53 Peppina We Can Go Back Again
12:58 The Quinch Experiment Never Look Back
1:02 Rebekah Kirk Ocean Lullaby
1:07 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:11 Red Light Effect Phosphorus
1:15 Rocker Black Rain
1:19 Sister Satellite Caught my eye
1:24 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream
1:30 Slam Cartel Mismatched Ties
1:34 Sonder Polka de Hanna
1:40 Sonic X Pray
1:43 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
1:48 SpaceShipOne Hero
1:52 Stuart Mitchell / Neil Warden Lulo
1:56 The Superphone guardian angel