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Last Featured on this show Febuary 28, 2016

James M Carson
Not unlike music from the hills of 70s Laurel Canyon, Carson's songs evoke shadows of simpler times when the quest for melody was king. James has been influenced by the melodic melancholy and intimate lyricism of singer songwriters like Neil Young and Elliott Smith, but equally entranced by the power pop hooks of bands such as Teenage Fanclub as well as their grunge admirers, Nirvana..

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Derecho  Ideal Imperfections
9:42 James M Carson Nothing Is Lost
9:46 Banff Altitude
9:50 JingerKroa Echo
9:54 Sal  Cosentino Don't Walk Away 
9:58 Sal  Cosentino While I Cry
10:01 AirCrash Detectives Dear Old Henry's Song
10:05 andrewpurcellmusic The day he ate some coffee
10:09 Barley Bouffler Mysterious Man
10:14 Blind Fret One Love
10:21 Bold Kelly I wanna
10:24 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
10:29 The Brake Brothers Band All For U
10:34 Flowers in Syrup Dreams
10:38 Gail Everett The Glory
10:42 Glen Ross I Scream
10:47 J.A.R.S. Big Bang
10:50 Jupiter In Velvet The Beauty of U
10:55 Kylie Hughes Wish You Were Dead
11:04 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
11:07 Mike Sands  Wander No More 
11:11 Morgan s Road Sugar on Your Lips
11:15 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
11:19 Prince Charman Black Sheep
11:23 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
11:27 T Dawn Crash Down
11:33 Albert Bevia There is no Other way
11:36 The Lady anoNYMous The Manic Widow (Feral Bitch Mix)
11:43 Gracious Me You Don't Love Me Like You Used To
11:47 adorned Lazy Summer Daze
11:55 Bad Seasons Greater good
11:58 Jeff Campbell Finger Pictures
12:03 Albert Bevia The Perfect Duo
12:06 IT Car Crash
12:11 Remedy For All Remedy For All
12:16 Sergeant Six Loveletters
12:20 Silhouette Cities Snakes and Vultures
12:23 Stuart Mitchell / Neil Warden Transformation to a Butterfly
12:29 7th Order The Lake of Memory
12:36 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:40 Bedrokk No Time To Lose
12:44 Casimir Greenfield Boy in the Attic
12:50 Colonels of Truth Angelina 
12:54 Disappearer Disconnected
12:59 Fire of Caron Round the Corner
1:04 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream
1:11 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:14 FrontAxle Your Love Can Set Me Free
1:18 Icicle Chasing The Clouds
1:22 Indus Rush I Ain't Scared of the Dark no More
1:28 IRIS Corporation Highest Love
1:33 jay alan smith shadow rider
1:37 Jessica s Theme Band Station to Station
1:41 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See
1:47 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:50 Luna Rin Imaginary World
1:54 Matt Steady July of '69