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Last Featured on this show March 3, 2016

Davy's Gripp
Davy's Gripp are a 4-piece classic rock band, hailing from Chichester in the South of England. The band has been going since 2010, but the current line-up is the first time the band have been a 4-piece and that has reflected in a renewed focus and determination and ultimately a new sound for 2016. 'Love Struck' is the new single, and more releases are on the horizon this year.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 The Brake Brothers Band Jet Wash
9:40 Davy's Gripp Love Struck
9:45 Eric Val If You Only Knew
9:48 The Harsh Blue Jen
9:51 Privado Immune
9:55 Sonaway Different Way Out
9:59 Wolves of Youth Not Leaving without you
10:03 AirCrash Detectives This Day Will be Different
10:08 andrewpurcellmusic The day he ate some coffee
10:12 BAMIL Haunted By Circles
10:16 Barley Bouffler HIGH HAT
10:22 Blind Fret Shine
10:27 Bold Kelly I wanna
10:29 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
10:34 Eric Val Beautiful Lie
10:38 Gail Everett The Glory
10:42 J.A.R.S. Mountains
10:46 Jupiter In Velvet The World Didn't Start With U
10:54 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
10:58 Mike Sands  Wander No More 
11:01 Morgan s Road Dang Diggity
11:06 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
11:11 Prince Charman Black Sheep
11:16 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
11:20 T Dawn My Words
11:24 Will of Wilmington Nikki's Song
11:27 IT Safe
11:36 Silhouette Cities Anchors
11:41 Indus Rush Waterfall Dance
11:44 The Mongrels Survival on Planet Earth
11:47 Night Palms Bird Above The Bath
11:51 From The Balcony We Shall Remain
11:55 Sundodger Option Arm
12:00 Lexi Scherr Not the Kind
12:03 The Disfavoured Party Headbutt
12:06 Truman The're Already Here
12:09 Phil Butta REDS
12:13 The Lady anoNYMous Jaded (Alternate Spin)
12:24 dead flowers bitter path
12:28 FrontAxle Never Be A Me Without You
12:31 Gashunters You just don't know me
12:35 The Harsh Blue Don't Be Scared
12:38 Icicle On And On
12:42 The Marbles Jackson If Symptom Persist
12:48 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:52 Matt Steady Blood is thicker than gold
12:56 The Midnight Gig Travelling
12:59 Oslo Iversen In TheBar by theStation I laughed
1:02 paul angell love sick fool
1:06 Paul Maged Annastasia
1:10 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream
1:16 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:20 Phil Butta Get Right Church
1:22 Sasser Pretty Little Rich Girl
1:25 shaun tobar blame
1:29 Slam Cartel Walk a Mile
1:35 Sonder Neo (a flower)
1:37 STALE Keep walking
1:40 Dan McCarthy You Don't Know What I'm Thinking
1:43 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:47 Salterszo It's Only Rock 'n Roll
1:50 Sasser What's Up G
1:54 Animal Holograms Ferdinand Hodler