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Jack Conman
18 year-old English singer-songwriter & virtuoso guitarist Jack Conman is breaking new ground. A young musician well versed in intricate & percussive guitar riffs, haunting folk pop melodies and soulful vocals, his remarkable array of talents are setting him apart from a crowded field of fellow troubadours. Already a talented drummer before turning his hand to the guitar, the percussive influence of his first instrument has created a unique playing style where every part of his acoustic is used to tap out beats and rhythms alongside picking melodies on the strings. Combined with his yearning vocals and gift for melody, Jack’s live performances have been silencing awed rooms and festival crowds in his native Yorkshire for the last 6 months.
Influenced by contemporaries like Ben Howard, Keaton Henson and Jon Gomm, Jack’s hazy melodies and poetic lyrics also share DNA with genre heavyweights Nick Drake, Bon Iver and Tracy Chapman. Despite the impressive skill of his guitar playing, the core emotional impact of his songs are always at the forefront of Jack’s writing.
His debut EP Euphoria Springs will be released via Warren Records in January 2016. With the lead single Misty Central already picking up radio airplay and press support from around the UK and beyond, Jack’s music will continue to break through to new fans wherever it is heard.







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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 The Strands EP
9:17 Jack Conman Misty Central
9:21 James Shead Own Way Home
9:24 BLOCK 33 The Eye The Hurricane
9:29 The Brazen Burn it Down
9:33 Valkyre Wide Awake
9:38 AirCrash Detectives I Like The Way
9:42 Bold Kelly I wanna
9:45 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:50 The Brake Brothers Band Complicated MAn
9:54 Eric Val Beauty Queen
9:57 Gail Everett The Glory
10:01 Juanito Laguna Vivir es morir
10:04 Kylie Hughes Calipopicana
10:14 Lynn Callihan Perfect Life
10:18 Morgan s Road Savannah
10:25 Oogeewawa Feelin Alive Today
10:28 Paul Christopher Only Time
10:32 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
10:37 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
10:41 T Dawn Someone Different
10:46 Will of Wilmington Jump, Jump (Ode To Miley)
10:51 1195PM Drug Oriented 
10:56 Audiolepsia Vigilante
11:01 Bad Seasons Bitter
11:04 Barley Station Never Leave
11:09 From The Balcony No alibi
11:12 Hell s Belles Gone But Not Forgotten
11:17 Matt Steady Music
11:20 Michelle Qureshi Shallow Waters
11:24 Morgan s Road Stay
11:28 The Muggs Spit And Gristle
11:33 Sirens Harbor Common Ideal
11:36 The Pieces of Mind Night Time Is The Right Time
11:41 tiny cuts The Lie
11:45 De-Franco Sunlight Song (feat. Rel O'Keefe)
11:49 Guy Leroux A Cowboy Doing Country
11:52 Prince Charman Total Control
11:57 EVERLIT Black Out
12:01 Barley Station Rain When You Go
12:05 Jamie Slate Eighty Two
12:07 The Muggs Yer Blues
12:11 The Saw Burning Bridges
12:15 Sonny Hunter Anxious
12:18 Striped Sight Wicked Game
12:23 Wicked Saints Baby Gray Bird
12:25 Yesterday No Ambition Left
12:30 Abstrakto Muerte
12:35 Ace Doggett Angel In My Bed
12:40 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
12:44 Audiolepsia Distancia
12:49 Bad Seasons Finest Hour
12:52 The Boulton Brothers Band Noodle
12:58 Casimir Greenfield Green Fingers
1:02 Colonels of Truth Lester's Dead 
1:06 Dan McB Lost and Found
1:10 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:13 Derek King A Decade Full of Dreams
1:18 Fire of Caron What have I done?
1:21 Frank Palangi I'm Waiting
1:24 The Grimps We re The Grimps
1:27 Guy Leroux  All The Way to Hell 
1:31 Dan McCarthy Drifting Away
1:36 Hermano Lobo Marlowe
1:41 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:44 Jan Henrik Vuyk In Memory Of
1:49 John Cubbin something strange about
1:54 John Ludi The Ground