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James Shead
Gravel-voiced folk rocker James Shead will release his debut album ‘A Light For The Fires’ on Friday 18th March. The album follows two iTunes-charting EPs which established him as one of the best new singer-songwriters in the South West. Now, ‘A Light For The Fires’ will propel him to national recognition.
Although he shares musical DNA with some of the current crop of singer-songwriters, what sets James Shead apart from the crowd is a knack for soaring choruses and a rich, powerful voice that can alternate between a cathartic holler and a soothing whisper. Backed by a talented collective of musicians, the eight tracks on the album display quality musicianship and a craftsman’s ear for melody throughout.
After only two years as a solo artist, Shead has made a name for himself locally and further afield as a compelling live performer and passionate songwriter with repeated radio support from BBC Introducing and a string of sold out shows and festival performances around Cornwall and London. With the release of his debut album, he’s set to gain more media plaudits and new fans as his fiery brand of country-infused folkpop reaches new ears around the world.







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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 FrontAxle ALBUM: Crash and Burn
9:41 James Shead Own Way Home
9:45 Blind Fret Leaky Roof
9:45 AirCrash Detectives Dear Old Henry's Song
9:48 Bold Kelly I wanna
9:51 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:56 The Brake Brothers Band All For U
10:01 Dan McCarthy You Don't Know What I'm Thinking
10:04 Eric Val Beauty Queen
10:07 Gail Everett The Glory
10:11 Jupiter In Velvet The Beauty of U
10:16 Kylie Hughes Wish You Were Dead
10:25 Lynn Callihan Perfect Life
10:29 Morgan s Road Good, Good, Gone
10:33 Oogeewawa Feelin Alive Today
10:36 Paul Christopher Only Time
10:40 The Pieces of Mind Hoochie Coochie Man
10:43 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
10:47 T Dawn My Words
10:51 Prince Charman Rise Today
10:55 EVERLIT Mannequins
10:58 Jamie Slate Benni
11:01 1195PM Unnecessary plannings 
11:06 Barley Station Through Damaged Doors
11:08 Valkyre Don't be Sad
11:15 Wicked Saints Roll With The Changes
11:20 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
11:24 Witchdoctor Dogma
11:30 Yesterday Oceans Can Be Yours
11:32 From The Balcony All birds fly to the south
11:36 De-Franco Monster
11:40 The Leavelles Xs and Os
11:43 Less Than a Billion People Running out of time
11:46 Lord Marshall Chariots of Fire
11:55 The Marbles Jackson Running Man
11:59 Matt Steady Blackbirds
12:05 Michelle Qureshi Sailing Forgotten Seas
12:07 Mike Grosshandler Fish In The Sea
12:10 mojomakerz Death By Disco
12:15 The Muggs Roger. Over And Out. A
12:18 Ricky Gray Everybody Changes
12:22 The Saw Complicated
12:27 Six Times Seven Hindsight
12:31 Suburban Whiskey Find Me
12:35 The Tweed Someone I Know
12:38 Wicked Saints Hello
12:42 Icicle My Contribution To Society
12:47 Paul Christopher Lying Low
12:51 Audiolepsia Anémona
12:59 Bad Seasons Too Late
1:04 The Boulton Brothers Band Saving Grace
1:09 Brooklyn Pets Fear
1:13 Casimir Greenfield Immortals
1:17 China Tanks Hardcore
1:20 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:24 Colonels of Truth Rusty Nails 
1:27 THE CORRIDORS Delicate Condition
1:31 Daggerplay Right Now Everything s Calm In The Attic
1:34 Deborah Magone Clean Up Woman
1:37 Derek King To Be a Boy
1:41 Derek King Summer Rain
1:44 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
1:48 eric james band Blindman
1:52 Frank Palangi Driving These Lines
1:55 Adam Wedd The art of interruption