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Last Featured on this show March 17, 2016

STATIC are Anthony Taibi & Logan Baker
Hometown: Kennesaw
Music group located in the Atlanta are.
New music uploaded on Soundcloud.
For booking and inquiries, contact.

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(PST) Artist Name
10:00 sugar gliders did you know EP
10:40 STATIC Won't Beg
10:42 blackdahlia No Regrets
10:46 Samson One step ahead
10:50 Yesterday Saturation
10:53 Yesterday Subway Keef
10:57 AirCrash Detectives This Day Will be Different
11:01 AirCrash Detectives One Sonata
11:06 The Brake Brothers Band Complicated MAn
11:10 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
11:16 The Pieces of Mind Night Time Is The Right Time
11:20 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
11:24 T Dawn Crash Down
11:30 1195PM Better Place
11:34 Hell s Belles Screaming for Mercy
11:37 From The Balcony Kakor senca (Like a shadow)
11:40 Under The Tongue Already Dead
11:45 Grimm Jack Damned
11:49 Forge The Rubicon Forever you
11:54 Aged Teen Close
11:58 John Ludi Everything
12:02 Johnson Ramm John Thyme
12:03 Les Paul s (The Paul s) New Orleans Blues 
12:08 Migration of the Herd Snake Rope
12:12 Mike Grosshandler Blue Skies Black
12:15 Mike Grosshandler Everything s Fine
12:24 NOREiKA Falling Star
12:27 Nowhere Fast A Letter From New Haven
12:31 The Old Border The Go Slow
12:34 Overdose Death'S Eve
12:38 Realm and Sky Run Around 
12:41 Ricky Gray On A Bourbon Or Two
12:46 Rocker Silver Star
12:51 Shadow of Comfort Who Do You Know
12:55 The Stunt People Grindstone
12:58 1195PM Hospital Workers
1:03 The 95th Rosa
1:06 Altar Flowers Almost Endless
1:10 Andrew Taylor Mars
1:14 Andy Newton In Due Time
1:16 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:20 Black Angel She Lost My Mind
1:24 The Boulton Brothers Band Aged To Imperfection
1:28 Casimir Greenfield Mayflies
1:34 Dave Craik Your lucky day
1:38 Deborah Magone No More
1:41 Derek King Spirals and Circles
1:46 East Bay Soup Kitchen Rabid Dogs
1:49 Dan McCarthy My Fathers House
1:52 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:56 Elysian Gates Seven Angels
2:00 Eugene Capper Yes, I Know
2:04 Evan Balzer Swazee
2:08 Gashunters Dreams On A Flight
2:12 GREENFIRE Wicked Ways
2:16 Happenstance Gone Baby Gone
2:19 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
2:22 Hell s Belles Hell s Belles
2:26 Irina Von Brazil You Drew a sign
2:32 IRIS Corporation A New Saint Session
2:36 John Ludi the Veil
2:41 Les Paul s (The Paul s) Temples in the Rain
2:46 Michelle Qureshi Reversal of Fortune
2:49 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
2:53 Mike Grosshandler The Words
2:55 MURAT SES Earthrise on the Moon