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Sugar Parks
Before the Fall is a 1950's inspired rock song about being afraid of new love because of the ghosts of Love's past. Track produced by Apothecary Entertainment, David M. Parks on guitar, Lenny Vittuli on drums.
Sugar Parks is a poet turned singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Heavily influenced by blues, jazz, heartache, and soul, her style is reminiscent of a 1940’s lounge singer. Sugar’s songs have been placed in multiple independent feature films including, "Lazarus: Apocalypse" aka "Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead", "The Emerging Past: Director's Cut", and "Check Point". Her song, 'Baby's Got a Hold on Me" became the theme song for "Lazarus: Apocalypse" and got her a role as the lounge singer in the film. The teaser trailer for the film, which featured "Baby's Got a Hold on Me", garnered over 250,000 views along with a slew of comments inquiring about the unknown singer and her song. Currently, Sugar is working on finishing her first album.

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