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Last Featured on this show March 23, 2016

Privado are a 4 piece modern female fronted band based in Dublin with a very modern sound. Formed in late 2013, Drummer Niam Gibney teamed up with guitarist David Fox, bass player Dave Curtin, and singer Monique Wragg to give PRIVADO a unique sound. With a singer who’s voice soars so high and a guitar player who brings classic rock elements like Led Zeppelin/Guns N Roses, this brings a unique sound that hasn’t been heard before. With a debut EP release in the summer of 2015, they will definatly grab your attention, with its mix of classic rock and modern sounds, Privado will be the talk of 2015. With 2 battle of the band wins, and a slot at Vantastival, and a lot more gigs to come. PRIVADO have had great feedback and Airplay in the states and England with there promo single Open Your Eyes. With great reactions at gigs Privado are going to take the world by storm

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(PST) Artist Name
10:00 The Stunt People Seven for Evermore ALBUM
10:21 Privado Immune
10:25 Ophiuco Trip
10:30 don ewaldo homeless
10:34 AirCrash Detectives Save Me From Your God
10:38 Casimir Greenfield Sure Feels Like The Blues
10:41 Derek King Sometimes
10:44 Drama Duo after Anglerfish
10:48 MURAT SES Anatolian Highway 3 OpBe Orlando Mix
10:51 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:54 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
10:58 T Dawn In My Dreams
11:02 Grimm Jack Girl Like You
11:05 Aged Teen Shocking Blue
11:12 Ghost Pressure New Science
11:16 Les Paul s (The Paul s) Those Monday Morning Blues
11:23 MURAT SES Great Weekend 2
11:26 Paul Walker / Paul Robert Thomas Pocket Full Of Stones
11:31 Gashunters What's going on
11:34 Hell s Belles Dirty Girls 
11:39 Icicle Grow So Large (I Touch The Sky)
11:42 Peur They Have Destroyed Everything
11:52 Screefy You Hurt the ones you Love
11:56 THE BOSTON SHAKERS Body Mind and Soul
12:00 Gashunters Struck by a flash
12:04 John Harrison All that i am
12:07 John Ludi Frozen in Amber
12:12 Joolz Denby SKY
12:16 Karma Dealers Summer Love
12:19 The Matthew Kindness Project On My Way
12:22 Michelle Qureshi Falling Up
12:26 AirCrash Detectives The Enigma
12:30 Midwest Soul Xchange Truth Attention
12:35 Morgan s Road Southern Bound
12:40 Novustory Mirrors
12:47 Riff Reign Crazy Baby
12:52 Softcore Suicide Bleed Until You're Dead
12:56 Under The Tongue Stop the Bleeding
12:59 Violet Mary Bag of Crisps
1:05 Aeronaut Stream Water On My Fingertips
1:10 Blind Revision Tough Love
1:15 THE BOSTON SHAKERS Long Hard Night
1:19 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:23 The Daze Drag me down
1:27 Doug Cash Better Off Dead
1:29 Jay Woodward The Joker or The Fool
1:33 John Harrison TAKE ME (IN YOUR ARMS)
1:38 John Ludi World of Denial
1:41 Michael Tiffany New Delhi Sky 
1:45 Paul Christopher Lying Low
1:49 Midwest Soul Xchange Revolt of the Guards
1:54 Mikey Jahbree Wooley Let's Make a Change!
1:59 Morgan s Road Give It to You
2:04 Neil Warden The Alchemist (feat. Dave Heath)
2:09 NEW IMAGE Running
2:13 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
2:17 Peur It Ends Before It starts
2:21 Razors & Red Flags Deal Breaker
2:25 Savage Playground Infatuation
2:29 SCAR Yesterday is Over
2:34 Dan McCarthy Shortened Yellow Lights Cost Lives
2:37 Sheshanah Drifter
2:42 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
2:47 Silent Stranger I'm Alive
2:50 Under The Tongue King's Garden
2:54 Violet Mary All This Time